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The days just keep getting busier. I spent the morning making soup to take to our lunch bunch/playgroup. The boys did not want to be there though. It was really strange. First, they refused to eat anything but rolls and cookies.

 photo image_zpsdfaee443.jpg

Then Alex just wanted to drive his cars around while Edison threw balls at the tables to knock over all of the moms' cups.

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They started begging to go home and decided to just take naps. But Alex was complaining because he needed "someplace soft to sleep."

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We got home a few minutes before naptime so there was time for me to read them a few books.

 photo image_zps0305f9b1.jpg

Edison took a short nap and we got to hang out for over an hour before Alex woke up. Edison made graham cracker crumbs all over Daddy's side of the bed.

 photo image_zps5a8076a2.jpg

He also spent a lot of time playing in the pillows. He left some graham cracker crumbs over there, too.

 photo image_zpscea080dd.jpg

Alex finally woke up to join the party. He wanted to do a craft.

 photo image_zpsa835ecab.jpg

After dinner, the boys spread toys around while Daddy took a nap.

 photo image_zpsfc9b2a10.jpg

We spent the night decorating for Edison's birthday. The boys were in bed: Edison fast asleep and Alex yelling that we were making too much noise and keeping him awake. Well, sorry.

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