There are language classes for kids that are held at the college here in Williston. I signed up Alex for a demo class of Chinese for Kids which was just one day and then he also took a Spanish for Kids class that was four sessions. The Spanish class was not great for us. Alex hated it and I couldn't figure out what the teacher was saying so I had a hard time practicing with Alex at home. But we both really enjoyed the Chinese class and Sam was giddy about Alex speaking Chinese.

This morning, we went to a Chinese for Baby class. It was for 0-3 year olds so I signed up Alex and Edison. Edison had been attending the other classes with us but he wasn't participating very much. All three of us loved it today. I couldn't believe that Edison was saying things in Chinese, too!

We had oranges at lunch and dinner. Each time I gave them a piece, they had to say, "Xièxiè." It is so fun to see how much they retained. I love hearing the sound of their little voices speaking a foreign language. Our day was full of hěnhǎo (good job) and xièxiè (thank you).

Daddy wrote "thank you" and "duck" on paper for the boys. These are two of the words we learned today.

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Andrea said...

wow!! i'm super impressed!! jace went on his mission to pocatello idaho...english speaking...so he has no desire to learn another language. DARN IT!

Geevz said...

Jealous! I'd be all over something like that. I bet they sound adorable.

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