My day kind of revolves around food. Either I am thinking about food, the boys are asking for food, I am cooking a meal, or we are eating. Today was really full of tasty things.

We babysat a friend from church today. For lunch, I let them each make their own pizzas. They loved it. I cannot believe how big of a mess the house was after the day of playing. Everything has recovered though! Except for maybe my back.

 photo image_zps66fa60de.jpg

The kids made rainbows today. They only cared about the tasty treat at the end of the rainbow though. Collin and Alex made very nice rainbows. Edison did some abstract art.

 photo image_zps43715fc5.jpg

I made a St. Patrick's Day gift for the people I visit teach and also a few friends.

 photo image_zps63f9b2cc.jpg

After Edison learned how to climb out of his crib and prematurely ended naptime, I needed a drink. I made us Coconut Lime Floats.

 photo image_zps20d0a33d.jpg

For dinner, we had spicy turkey lettuce wraps. I liked the fresh vegetables mixed in. It was delicious.

 photo image_zpsc7d003b5.jpg

After dinner, I whipped up a pie. I had totally forgotten that today was Pi Day until this morning so I just had to use what I had on hand. It ended up being a banana cream pie.

 photo image_zpsbc661311.jpg

I had 15 lemons to juice. I didn't expect to get very much juice but I ended up getting eight cups of lemon juice! It was ridiculous. I put it all in the freezer and I am looking forward to lemonade in the future!

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Celeste said...

Wow you are amazing! All those fancy foods sound very yummy.

Geevz said...

Mmm those lettuce wraps sounds fantastic!

Way to go with the St. Patty's day crafts!

Sarah said...

I want the recipe for the turkey wraps please!

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