We are under the weather, in two ways.

We had a big storm yesterday. When I looked out the window first thing in the morning, it looked like the snow was blowing up. It continued to blow like crazy and snow all day. At 2pm, Sam told me that everyone was being sent home. This hadn't happened before and I was so excited to have him home early. It took him a while to get home and when he arrived, he said the garage had been opened all day and he also said that the car was stuck in the snow and couldn't get into the garage.

 photo image_zps3e63f1fc.jpg

The snow in the garage was covering everything. The snow had reached everything from the open garage door to the inside wall. It was stuck on the walls and from floor to ceiling. It took us so long to clean off all of our stuff and then get the garage door to close. The snow was blocking the sensors and frozen into the track. It was such a pain. The wind was so strong it was difficult to open the car doors. 

This was the view out our front door.

 photo image_zps75c43082.jpg

We have been the household of sickies for a month. My laryngitis stuck around for a few weeks. It was miserable.

 photo Sick1_zps0de67987.jpg

Alex and Edison got croup but Edison definitely had the worst of it. It was so sad.

 photo Sick2_zpsac6a42d6.jpg

I thought we were all better and then Alex woke up with a gunky eye which I was sure was the beginning of conjunctivitis. But after a few days, it went away and his eyes never turned red. So strange.

 photo Sick3_zpse2b708b6.jpg

Emily: How are you feeling? Better or still sick?
Alex: Sick. Really sick. When I was sleeping, germs came in my room. A ton of germs.

 photo Sick4_zps8d9ee01b.jpg

Edison was waking up from his naps after only an hour. But then he would fall asleep upstairs with me. Poor kid. He just wanted to be held all the time.

 photo Sick5_zps07fb428c.jpg

I thought we were all better but then I woke up on Sunday and my nose was runny. If I am really getting sick again I am going to go completely crazy. Alex is still coughing nonstop but that is supposed to continue until the weather warms up. It is especially aggravating because he doesn't cough in his sleep. He only coughs when he's awake and I think he just continues it because he has been coughing for so long that he's made it a habit. I am ready for warm weather.

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