Edison's Ball Party

Edison's first word was "Ball." He loves playing catch and thinks everything in a circular shape is a ball. So we had a ball party. I wasn't really passionate about the theme. I am not sure if it had something to do with being nine months pregnant, or if the theme just wasn't my thing, but I was creatively stumped. It was good enough for my two-year-old. He loved it all.

I got ball pit balls and then put a few of them in each bag to deliver with the invitations.

 photo BallParty1_zps8db353ff.jpg

I thought I was forgetting something because I didn't seem very stressed about the party. I think it helped that we decorated a few days before so I didn't have to worry about that.

 photo BallParty3_zps334e9843.jpg

 photo BallParty7_zps3225ed91.jpg

 photo BallParty2_zpsc94a3379.jpg

The snacks: fruit salad using a melon baller, meatballs and rolls, cheese puffs, olives, popcorn balls, a dum dum topiary, and a cheeseball.
The desserts: mini cupcakes, cream puffs, and truffles.

The only foods I did not make from scratch were the rolls, cheese puffs, and cream puffs.

 photo BallParty4_zps0d397ecf.jpg

Fresh-squeezed lemonade. It was delicious and we had leftovers for days!

 photo BallParty5_zpsbdbf8693.jpg

I made party hats for people to decorate. It took me hours to print, cut, and glue the hats. Then only a few people put a hat together. Such a bummer. I wish I hadn't stayed up until 3am the night before to finish.

 photo BallParty10_zpse4922057.jpg

 We put out all of the food during the boys' naps and then we woke up Edison a few minutes before his friends arrived. He was confused at first but then became excited.

 photo BallParty8_zps781cc80d.jpg

Alex just kept sleeping until people arrived.

 photo BallParty9_zpsc7a17f94.jpg

Guests started to arrive and I was able to trick some of them into thinking that making a party hat is cool.

 photo BallParty11_zps344f727b.jpg

Edison liked the berries. This kid loves berries. He also loves using his shirt as a napkin.

 photo BallParty12_zps15531f51.jpg

Our townhouse is not very large. It also started raining right at the beginning of the party so the usual mud pool outside was especially bad. So the whole party was stuck inside. I felt bad for the kids. There wasn't a lot of room to run around. There were 24 guests, plus the four of us. It was nice and cozy.

 photo BallParty13_zps3787d506.jpg

 As soon as I set Edison's cupcake in front of him, he blew out the candles. I had to light them three times before I was finally able to get him to leave them alone long enough for us to sing.

 photo BallParty14_zpsff953aeb.jpg

Edison got a ton of gifts. He still plays with his birthday toys almost exclusively. Alex was really good at "helping" Edison open his gifts.

 photo BallParty19_zps5effeff5.jpg

I had a ton (around 1,000) bouncy balls. Our friend was holding them all in his arms as the kids gathered them and then dropping them into the kids' laps. Over and over. It kept them entertained and I was grateful he was doing that.

 photo BallParty15_zps55b248c4.jpg

Sam kept giving Alexa and Madisyn junk food while their parents weren't looking.

 photo BallParty16_zpsd7644642.jpg

The aftermath: once again, I made way too much food. I always do that.

 photo BallParty17_zpsa0639328.jpg

I had several games planned but the kids were all different ages and it was difficult to get them interested in the same thing. This game was paddle ball. I glued plates onto paint stir sticks. The kids mostly used them as weapons so I had to take them away eventually. We also had punch balloons and played a game with throwing bouncy balls into a container.

 photo BallParty18_zps310c7103.jpg

The party favors were gumballs in a jar. I made one per family, because that's a lot of gum!

 photo BallParty6_zps27737e6c.jpg

 I couldn't have done this without Sam. He went along with all the crazy. It was a crazy overload and he needed a nap for an hour before the party. Such a good man.

 photo BallParty20_zps4e136d6b.jpg


Spencer and Anna said...

Wow. And I totally would have made party hat. :)

The LaPierre Crew said...

So much FUN! So sad we missed it! It sure looks like you guys have been busy lately, fun stuff!

Sarah said...

You are such an awesome party planner!! That looks like one of the most fun little boys party ever. Way to go Emily. You never cease to amaze me.

Carissa and Tanner said...

Awesome pics and awesome party. I am way sad we missed it. Maybe better we didn't...you had a full house! And I can't even understand how you say your creativity was stumped. You are awesome. And that was EXTRAORDINARILY creative! Good work! Will you plan my 31st birthday party? haha.

MeganandClaudy said...

you are the best kid-party-planner that I know. I wish you lived closer, and I would pay you to do Carter's birthdays.

Jershelly said...

You are so good at throwing parties Emily! I'm impressed!

Rachel said...

Wow. That is all I have to say. :)
Ok, not really. I have more: You could seriously pin this on pinterest. You. Are. Amazing.

Paxton said...

You have some crazy awesome birthday parties for your boys! seriously! It looks like a blast! I love all the ball themed food!

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