Wednesday was my 24½ birthday. I took Declan to the pediatrician that morning while Sam and my mom took the boys to their Chinese class. When I got home, Alex was jumping around about something they got for me. Sam took the boys downstairs and then brought them back up with half of their clothes off and they were waving around pictures.

Sam is awesome. He knows how much I love half birthdays and so he helped me celebrate it. The boys love any reason to party!

My half-dressed boys each gave me half of a homemade birthday card and a half-eaten bag of my favorite candy. I think they particularly enjoyed making the bag of candy only a half present. They ate most of the second half, too.

 photo photo-5_zps8570103c.jpg

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Carissa and Tanner said...

Happy belated half birthday! I love half birthday's too - but I usually always end up forgetting them. Oops. I love Edison's face in this picture. He's so focused or something. Such a cute little idea! Good job Sam!

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