It seems like I skip over pictures sometimes. Not for any reason except that they don't really fit in with whatever I happen to be posting about. Over four months, that ends up being hundreds of pictures. So it is time for another miscellaneous post. The only theme is that my kids are darn cute.

I was at a church activity and Sam found a way to get the boys to eat their dinner: Baby Einstein on their own personal screens. This never happens when Mommy's home!

 photo Misc1_zps90555ca5.jpg

Alex: Daddy, what are you doing?
Sam: Playing a game with Mommy.
Alex: What are you playing?
Sam: Yahtzee.
Alex: I want to play Nazi!

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I don't know the dates of these pictures, but they are in order. I guess I need to remember to not complain next winter because it just keeps getting worse. Williston is an interesting place. When we tell people how long we have lived her (nine months!) they react like it is a long time! Notice: -22 degrees, feels like -40.

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Sam watched a lot of March Madness this year and Alex and Edison would occasionally watch with him. Alex filled out a bracket. Sam would ask him to choose between two teams. After he completed filling his bracket, Alex asked, "Did I win?" The picture on the right is how he reacted when we told him the team he had winning the championship had actually been eliminated early on in the rounds.

 photo Misc4_zps923f02ed.jpg

Sam built this Bobcat puzzle toy for the boys and they are allowed to carefully play with it for a few minutes at a time. It was the highlight of their day when we had a Bobcat right outside our windows!

 photo Misc5_zps57267a8b.jpg

Alex is amazing about letting us brush and floss his teeth. Edison puts up with it occasionally.

 photo Misc6_zps2c421340.jpg

We got a nail in our tire one day. I called emergency roadside assistance to have someone come change it even though it was parked outside of our apartment. It was cold. I am pregnant. It was free.

 photo Misc7_zpsb598913d.jpg

The boys really love each other. In the last few days, Alex has been smothering Edison with kisses.

 photo Misc8_zps13da998b.jpg

Alex: Mom, will you close the windows so I don't get bright eyes?

 photo Misc43_zps3aae05d1.jpg

I love my little chefs.

 photo Misc9_zps2e8c8960.jpg

Some friends in our ward own a Mexican restaurant in Noonan. It is an hour and a half away (and they are in our ward!). A group of us made the trip there on a Friday night for dinner. It was really fun!

 photo Misc10_zpscf7b44f8.jpg

Alex: What is this one?
Emily: I don't know.
Alex: I think it's a coyote. I ate its head off.

 photo Misc11_zpsb4afc648.jpg

When it's freezing cold outside, what better way to pass time than to eat popsicles?

 photo Misc12_zpsebfc138f.jpg

Alex is so funny. I guess he would rather build towers with his food than eat it.

 photo Misc13_zpse3dbba0e.jpg

Alex was totally potty trained (day and night) and then suddenly started wetting the bed every night so we put him back in a diaper at bedtime. The other day, I walked by the bathroom and saw him standing up just like daddy. Neither of us knew he had figured that out. We didn't teach him. He just saw Sam doing it.

 photo Misc14_zps7148fd21.jpg

Edison loves shoes. I want to smooch his lips every time they pucker up to say, "Shoes."

 photo Misc15_zps1ba2c26b.jpg

Edison is finally old enough for his carseat to be forward-facing. He loves it and is so happy to be the right way now.

 photo Misc16_zpsf0c5048a.jpg

The boys usually love when I take them to gymnastics but they were tired and hungry this time. They played for a little and then both decided to take naps.

 photo Misc17_zps4eb67307.jpg

 photo Misc18_zps04da7d76.jpg

We go to this frozen yogurt place as often as possible.

 photo Misc19_zpsa1d4ff42.jpg

Our good friends Tanner and Carissa invited us over for dinner. After dinner, the boys needed to burn some calories on the rowing machine. Edison sticking out his little tongue makes me laugh.

 photo Misc20_zpsb1d78b1a.jpg

I don't know when Alex became so smart. I told him what letters to write and he wrote Happy Birthday to his cousin Nora. It pained me a little to mail it away. People make comments to us all the time about how Alex talks like an adult. We have very entertaining conversations with him...
Daddy: Did you know you have a dinosaur on your shirt? It's a stegosaurus.
Alex: Nooo! It's a triceratops.
Daddy: So it is.
Alex: Yeah. Stegosaurus has plates on its tail. This one has a three-horned face.
Emily: Whaaaaa?!

 photo Misc21_zps6c7b37dc.jpg

Silly Nuggie.

 photo Misc22_zps3f5e08b2.jpg

One day Edison and I were giving each other funny faces and then this happened...
Alex: How does he look?
Emily: He's giving me a stink face.
Alex: Then give him a diaper change.

 photo Misc24_zpsa79bfcf0.jpg

Edison has learned how to open the fridge by himself. Bad news.

 photo Misc25_zps9f333a08.jpg

Tanner and Carissa got a new fishtank. The boys were so excited to see all the fishies and Alex still talks about going over to see their crabs. I haven't had the heart to tell him that the crabs died.

 photo Misc23_zps5a251d8a.jpg

 photo Misc26_zps8d047a46.jpg

Right around noon, Edison starts getting sleepy. If he finishes lunch early, sometimes he will disappear while I wait for Alex to finish lunch. Then I will find Edison snuggled with his blanket and pacifier (no pacifier anymore!) on the floor somewhere.

 photo Misc27_zps31115143.jpg

Ever since Edison has put away his pacifier, he stays awake for a lot longer after we put him in bed. That makes for some entertaining conversations between Alex and Edison.
Alex: Are you still awake?
Edison: No.
Alex: But your eyes are still open.
Edison: Oh.

Or this one...
Alex: What are we going to do after we take naps, Nuggie?
Edison: Ummm. Ball.

 photo Misc28_zpsf507cffc.jpg

Usually he wakes up happy. Sometimes he is not so happy.

 photo Misc29_zps70c68438.jpg

I had to take them to the doctor with me one week. When we walked in, they squealed and ran over to the fire. Then I noticed they were trying to blow it out. Good luck, boys.

 photo Misc30_zps0f689f1d.jpg

Edison is a sensitive kid. He has watched Finding Nemo so many times but one day it really got to him and he started crying when "Mo" got hurt.

 photo Misc31_zps2b710658.jpg

Their first wishbone. Edison's wish, whatever that little boy wishes for, is going to come true.

 photo Misc32_zpsc907975e.jpg

Come on, North Dakota. Just when I was starting to think I could handle you, I see this sign.

 photo Misc33_zpsa7d7d737.jpg

Cute boy in the pillows. Always.

 photo Misc34_zpsad6c0fea.jpg

Alex's first time drawing a car.
"Mommy, you vacuum right now! I'll color."

 photo Misc35_zpsfc8d9777.jpg

We went bowling for Family Home Evening this week. Alex bowled a strike in the first frame. He was devastated when we told him he wouldn't get to bowl his second ball. He thought he was being gypped. We only played one game, and he got three strikes!

 photo Misc39_zps5fa9685d.jpg

 photo Misc36_zps73f02dae.jpg

I was so awkward. It is hard to throw a bowling ball when you have a bowling ball attached to your body. I saw a woman at the bowling alley stuff a ball up her shirt to make fun of me. So that was cool.

 photo Misc37_zpsf0da18d8.jpg

 photo Misc38_zpsfbcc22e7.jpg

We went to gymnastics again this week. The boys have decided to like it again.

 photo Misc40_zps147db0f7.jpg

Fake sleeping.

 photo Misc41_zpsda0d679c.jpg

Edison wants to grow up so fast. No! Slow down! Every time he asks to wear underwear, it ends in a puddle. No potty training anytime soon.

 photo Misc42_zps3f44bb95.jpg

February was a little gloomy so I made a little sunshine for my friends.

 photo Misc44_zps2310b26c.jpg

Edison really loves reading books but he doesn't like me to read to him because I don't let him skip pages. I guess he decided to sit in a bucket and do his own thing.

 photo Misc45_zps8aada1ff.jpg

Sam took this picture. I am not sure what is going on. Helping with dishes?

 photo Misc46_zps7f02033c.jpg

Alex doesn't take a nap on Sundays because of the time we go to church. He didn't quite make it through dinner one week.

 photo Misc47_zps512bda9a.jpg

Cute boys.

 photo Misc48_zpsb3561792.jpg

Carissa is so good with the boys.
 photo Misc49_zpsa394c935.jpg

Edison is a weirdo.

 photo Misc50_zpsd29cfbc1.jpg

Yes, the boys are cute, but mostly our cars are so dirty!

 photo Misc51_zps4e047c52.jpg

When Alex watches Cars, he has to line up some Cars characters for the show.

 photo Misc52_zpsc24fcbeb.jpg

Alex has started telling long, elaborate stories about "when [he] was a baby/little." These are mostly things that have never happened. One day he told us a story about Carissa and a yellow sucker. So she brought him one. Now it's a true story!

 photo Misc53_zps35fcf386.jpg

Family grocery shopping trips!

 photo Misc54_zpsf0e4788a.jpg

Sam hid a toy for the boys in his drawer. We planned to save it for a while until there was a reason that warranted a gift. Edison decided that it would be a good time to pile up the pillows and open a drawer. He had never done that before!

 photo Misc55_zps2aafb9b7.jpg

Edison has finally stopped eating and/or breaking crayons. It has made coloring time so much better.

 photo Misc56_zps4a8995b3.jpg

We went to visit a friend and the boys jumped in the toy box. So odd.

 photo Misc57_zps1331fb22.jpg

We went on a walk on Sunday after watching the final session of General Conference. It was not as warm as we thought it was. We definitely still needed coats! The boys were just happy to be out though.

 photo Misc58_zpsab605e68.jpg

Other things:
- Edison cries if we even pretend to pull on his toes. One day, I was pretending to pull on his toes and Alex said, "Daddy does this sometimes to my piggies."
- We have been talking to Alex a lot about telling the truth and choosing the right. One day, he said, "I hit Edison! Did I choose the right?" I think something got confused.
- I might be a little too long-winded. I had to split our 2012 blog book into two books because it was over 440 pages. Way over.
- Edison gets a rash around his mouth after eating ranch dressing. Not sure what he is allergic to in it. Maybe soy?
- The boys play well together most of the time but they play the best when they are building towers with Duplos. They will play together in silence and in one spot for an hour.
- Edison was telling us he was two years old for months. The day after his second birthday, I asked him how old he was and he responded, "Three." Punk.
- Alex acts like he is hard of hearing. Some days I just can't handle it anymore.
Emily: All you do is complain, complain, complain.
Alex: I only do three complains.
Emily: I only said three.
Alex: Oh. I don't do that.
 - Edison is really scared about sharks eating him. If we say, "Then the sharks eat the Nuggie" he will start tearing up. It is so sad. And funny. We like to tease him by saying it sometimes. We also have varied it to the sharks eating different people or saying, "Then the Mommy kisses the Nuggie." Alex came up with his own.
Alex: The sharks are going to eat Mommy and then we will be all alone here.
Emily: That's how you like it?
Alex: Yeah, we will just take a nap and eat something.


Janelle said...

Did those bowling games actually cost $40 per person??

Merkley Jiating said...

No way! I think that was an ad for six hours of bowling or something. Do you think we are made of money, mom? $40 per person? Yikes.

Jershelly said...

I love these miscellaneous posts! Alex and Edison are so funny. I am really impressed with Alex's writing!

Paxton said...

The conversations between your kids are hilarious! "we'll just take a nap and eat something" :-)
I wish I remembered to write down all of the funny things my kids say to each other

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