St. Patrick's Day Party

Our friends threw an awesome St. Patrick's Day party. I have never seen so much dyed food in one place! I contributed to that greatly though.

 photo StPatricks1_zps4ae535c8.jpg

I brought rainbow pudding, a rainbow fruit platter, Irish soda bread, and a pot of popcorn with gold sprinkles. I really should have taken pictures before driving to the party. Things looked much less presentable after being shaken around. The Irish soda bread that was crumbling like crazy but it tasted alright. I have never had it before so I am not sure what it was supposed to be like.

 photo StPatricks2_zpsa7ec5217.jpg

The boys loved the pinata. It was a pull string pinata so no one got a concussion. Very recommended for indoor parties! It was so nice to hang out with friends and meet new people. The boys probably think every week is a holiday. I feel like it has been a constant party recently! It is fun to have so many things to get excited about with them.

 photo StPatricks3_zps58366fa7.jpg


Sarah said...

That is awesome and looks like so much fun!! I love all the green and the family photo.

Geevz said...

I've never seen a pull string piƱata! It looks like fun! And that fruit platter is perfect.

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