Weekend in Billings

I am ready for another trip to Billings. It was so nice to be in a town that has people in it. It seemed so clean compared to Williston. There was no snow on the ground anywhere. I also noticed that there are casinos on every corner, even connected to gas stations. It was a little bizarre.

The drive to Billings was not very exciting. After the boys took their naps in the car, Alex needed a potty break. This is a super awkward picture of my backside, but the fact that Alex was able to relieve his bladder while being held like this cracks me up.

 photo Billings1_zps0dc52d01.jpg

We went out to dinner and it was so expensive. It also wasn't very good. Too bad.

 photo Billings2_zpse20936d1.jpg

While I was at the temple, the boys watched TV with Daddy in the hotel room.

 photo Billings3_zpsba597c00.jpg

The next morning started at 6am when Sam's alarm went off so he could go to the temple. I know it was 7am in North Dakota already but seeing 6am on the clock made it too early. Edison continued to sleep while Alex and I snuggled. Then we all got up, got dressed, and ate breakfast. Once Sam got back, we headed out for a day of exploring Billings.

Our car was so filthy from the Williston roads so we went to a car wash. It looked so pretty when it was done! While we waited, the boys helped themselves to the complimentary ice cream. At 9am.

 photo Billings4_zps2a5b7f12.jpg

We went to the only zoo in Montana. And it was tiny. We got there right when it opened and had the whole zoo to ourselves for the first hour. It was around 30 degrees so the boys wanted to stay bundled in the stroller. 

 photo Billings5_zps3105f8c8.jpg

 photo Billings6_zps200061aa.jpg

 photo Billings7_zpse2a9c527.jpg

 photo Billings10_zps0f26ada8.jpg

After we left the zoo, we went to Cafe Rio for lunch. The line was to the door and took forever but it was delicious. Then we went to the craft store, then to the toy store. We let the boys pick out a toy they would like the baby to bring them when he is born. Alex would see something he liked, then walk up to my belly and say, "Baby [name removed], please bring me this toy." Sam took the boys out to the car while I sneakily bought them each one thing. Since then, Alex has been telling everyone that his baby brother is going to bring him a bike. Hopefully he isn't disappointed when he doesn't get a bike!

 photo Billings8_zpsba5d836e.jpg

After a quick stop at the mall to find an outfit for the baby to wear home from the hospital, we started the drive home. Sam got to help Alex on his roadside potty break because I had helped him earlier that evening and my shoes, pants, and feet got covered in pee because it was windy. Sam tried it like he had seen Chinese people do it.

 photo Billings9_zps03703958.jpg

Such a fun weekend away. I am sure there will be more trips to Billings in the future.


Spencer and Anna said...

Love the potty breaks. :)

Jershelly said...

Haha. That's funny about Alex's potty breaks. Gross about getting peed all over though.

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