Documenting Declan (1 Month)

Weight: 10 pounds, 8 ounces
Length: 21.5 inches

The days keep passing and then weeks and somehow a month. Declan is growing right before my very eyes. He doesn't seem to be the most photogenic little child but that probably has a lot to do with my (extreme lack of) photography skills. We are thrilled this little boy has joined our family. The dynamic may be changing but it is already apparent that Edison and Alex adore their little brother. Declan is my happy place during the day. He is so calm and will give me unlimited snuggles. I love this child of mine.

 photo OneMonth2_zps2aa51c51.jpg
Good little boy born right on his due date.

 photo OneMonth3_zpsaeef752f.jpg
Get used to it! 

 photo OneMonth4_zps3811a6c5.jpg
First bath at home. He loves bath time.

 photo OneMonth5_zps183d1cea.jpg
I made these as Thank You gifts so that I wouldn't have to write notes to people. Because I am lazy.

 photo OneMonth6_zpsf34a71f8.jpg
This was Alyssa's first time meeting Declan. He loved her, just like his brothers.

 photo OneMonth7_zps55057057.jpg
This boy is not naked enough.

 photo OneMonth8_zps9ff27d2d.jpg
We didn't plan for them to match. It just happened.

 photo OneMonth30_zpse25cdd08.jpg
Tiny little babe.

 photo OneMonth12_zps1033bbb8.jpg
Alex: Can I climb up and look at Baby Declan and how tiny he is? I'll look at him with a magnifying glass.

 photo OneMonth13_zps9773b644.jpg
Emily: Is Declan sleeping?
Alex: Yeah. It was such a big day.

 photo OneMonth16_zpscdb135ac.jpg
Thanks for the adorable blanket, Aunt Alexis. He only peed on it once!

 photo OneMonth18_zpsb44fa985.jpg
Tummy time is hard!
  photo OneMonth19_zpsbc20151b.jpg
Gangster baby.

  photo OneMonth20_zpsb4221625.jpg
Milk coma. I love a happy baby.

 photo OneMonth21_zps8c7ff401.jpg
First time "playing" with a toy. Meaning I put it in his hand, he flailed around, then dropped it on his face.

 photo OneMonth22_zps0f7a764b.jpg
Watching movies with the boys.

 photo OneMonth23_zps0bb1a8fb.jpg

 photo OneMonth32_zps4ec09da1.jpg
Always sideways!

 photo OneMonth24_zps5dd34bb4.jpg
"I've heard Cornell is the party school of the Ivy League. Woot!"

 photo OneMonth25_zps3a8ac450.jpg
"Mommy snuggles me like this and then feeds me. So do it."

 photo OneMonth26_zps520579b6.jpg
Kisses on the mouth. He needs more of those.

 photo OneMonth27_zps33a31fc6.jpg
Declan very rarely cries. Maybe once a day. I think it is adorable.

 photo OneMonth28_zps10a843f5.jpg
He loves holding our fingers.

 photo OneMonth29_zpsf7e4c174.jpg
His nails grow incredibly fast. If I don't cut them every few days, he gets his face.

 photo OneMonth31_zpsca055b84.jpg
It was still chilly when he was born so he had to have lots of blankets in order to go on walks.

 photo OneMonth34_zps9609cacd.jpg
He doesn't like to have his arms swaddled when he sleeps because he wants them above his head.

 photo OneMonth35_zpsf621addb.jpg
"What is this hand and why does it keep hitting me?"

 photo OneMonth36_zps2165b696.jpg
Maybe getting a little sleepy. Yep, a little. Bam! Party time! The predictability of a baby.

 photo OneMonth37_zpsd3406127.jpg
Snuggling and holding a finger. His perfect day.

 photo OneMonth38_zps391f55ca.jpg
Already suspicious of the camera. Oh, little one, you've got a lot to learn about Mommy.

 photo OneMonth39_zpscfd7b8d3.jpg
He can sleep through it all. Even when they "accidentally" sit on top of him in the swing.

  photo OneMonth40_zps643dae7c.jpg
This might be my favorite baby outfit. Those shoes kill me with cuteness.

 photo OneMonth1_zps11f5a0f9.jpg
He strikes a pose.

 How to be a good parent:

 photo OneMonth9_zpsb533c090.jpg
Put your child in things he is clearly too small for.

 photo OneMonth10_zpsc356b9b1.jpg
Carry him around in your pocket if your hands get too full.

 photo OneMonth11_zpseefc9185.jpg
Allow older brothers to poke and cuddle him at any time.

 photo OneMonth14_zps3b2aa33e.jpg
Lie nearly on top of him. And bring your friends.

 photo OneMonth15_zps9fbcb44e.jpg
Varying levels of attention need to be paid depending on who is holding the child. However, the child will keep a very wary eye out for any shenanigans.

 photo OneMonth17_zps996514b4.jpg
Have doggy piles. The child will join in one day.

 photo OneMonth33_zpsb1eb9c43.jpg
Pin him until he taps out.

Here are a few more things Declan does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...lost his umbilical cord stump entirely at 17 days old. I had accidentally torn it off a little bit while dressing him one day but some of it stayed for about a week longer until it was ready to fall off on its own.
...had such squishy skin was he was born. I love kissing his squishy forehead.
...started out with the typical gray newborn eyes but they began to turn blue around two weeks old. I am excited to see what color they end up.
...has a grumpy face but is actually very happy! Every time I finish nursing him, he gives me a look like he's extremely annoyed. What's a mom got to do to be appreciated around here?!
...was born with a birth mark above his right eye. This can be seen in the pictures, but I wanted to mention it here anyway.
...has very little baby acne.
...has no eyelashes.
...got a pacifier for the first time when he was three days old. I wasn't super happy about it but it happened. Sometimes when we put it in his mouth, he gags or makes a really disgusted face that we would even think to put it in his mouth. Other times, he likes it just fine.
...has mastered the art of looking bored out of his mind while being burped.
...has the hairiest little body. Especially his ears and his bum.
...is a heavy sleeper. If he is sleeping but wants to wake up, he raises his eyebrows like his eyelids are just too heavy so he has to raise his eyebrows to pull his eyes open.
...stretches so much and it makes me happy because baby stretches are my favorite.
...has really good-smelling breath. This is probably strange, but I like to breathe him.
...never spits up. Probably less than 20 times in his whole life and that is more like drool than spit up. It isn't ever more than a tablespoon.
...gets the hiccups quite a bit but they go away after a minute or two!
...still sleeps in our room. Alex and Edison never slept in our room for longer than a few days and that was because my mom was staying in their rooms! But Declan doesn't bother us and we don't bother him.
...is very vocal while nursing. He will grunt and moan. He gets into it.
...nurses every 2-4 hours during the day. He sleeps between those times. He is very alert in the evening, about 7-10pm. We turn off most of the lights around 10:30pm so he will know it is getting close to bedtime. We only swaddle him at night. During the night, he sleeps for 4-5 hours, eats, then sleeps for three hours, eats, then back to sleep for two more hours. We used to think he had night/day mixed up but then we realized he just thinks it is always night.
...has an chin quiver. For no reason. It isn't when he's sad or tired. It looks totally involuntary and is totally adorable.


Sarah said...

I love all the pictures! it is so funny how adding one baby makes all the pictures of your boys cuter! They look good as a party of 3! I liked your parents advice, and I LOVED the picture of Declan in Sam's pocket.

Carissa and Tanner said...

I would have to disagree with the un-photogenic-ness of Declan. He's adorable. Love this post and love the Alex-ism's. He cracks me up. A lot.

Geevz said...

I might hate you a little bit for the lack of crying. Then I remember you are dealing with three and I think you deserve it. Someday I want an easy baby.

Your boys look adorable and I really love the baby in the sweatshirt. You can just see the brother love in the pictures.

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

The chin quivers are the cutest thing ever. I love the funny things about babies.

Also, I busted up laughing at the baby-in-sweatshirt-pocket photo. Totally awesome. I stuffed Abbi in the baby doll stroller at 3 days old and took a photo, that was petty funny, she looked very uncomfortable though, and giant.

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