Five Years!

I can say with confidence that the last year has been our best year yet. We are gloriously happy together and I am grateful that Sam still makes me smile every day. Five years ago, we were so young (or at least one of us was!) and in love. Our love is still growing as the years go by. He is definitely a keeper and I am so glad he is mine to keep.

 photo Five_zpsca03cf53.jpg


Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

Congrats! 5 years down, an eternity left to go ;)

Carissa and Tanner said...

This picture is so cute. So cute in fact that I would really like to see more pictures from your wedding. Ok? Happy 5 years! Good work :)

Mike and Alyssa Althoff said...

Congrats! I second Carissa in that I would like to see more wedding pictures too!

Jershelly said...

Happy Anniversary!

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