The last 24 days have resulted in a big transformation in my life. I went from being a mother of two to a mother of three. Although Declan is competing to be the Easiest Child in the History of Ever, Alex and Edison decided it would be a good time to become children from hell. I am learning who I am and trying to become the mom I want to be. There have been tears; mostly from me and a few from Alex and Edison. None from Declan. Seriously, this kid gets a gold medal.

I don't have high expectations of Mother's Day. My kids are still young and to expect them to clean the whole house would be setting myself up for disappointment. But Sam spoiled me even though I am not his mother. I didn't get out of bed until 11am. The boys had drawn me adorable pictures and Alex was able to write, "I love you, Mom." Sam had to tell him which letters to write. While changing Declan's diaper at church, he peed all over me. That was the first time he's gotten me and it just seemed fitting for him to do it on Mother's Day.

Sam gave me a Priesthood blessing before we put the boys in bed. I like this Mother's Day tradition we have going. It is nice to hear that although I am failing in every possible way, Heavenly Father still loves me. I expected this transition to three kids to be easier. The first two and a half weeks were easy. But then I started feeling very alone with Sam out of town and the things I needed to do, even just the bare minimum, was too much. I couldn't show three kids that I loved them at the same time. I feel like it is some cruel joke that I have to do this without being able to fit into any of my clothes. Although my body is not in any pain from the delivery, I am tired. A doctor somewhere is laughing about telling moms to sleep when the baby sleeps. Recovery is only for first-time moms.

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My mom was able to come to Williston for three weeks. A full 21 days. It was amazing to have her here but I don't think I really appreciated it until Sam had to leave town. Having an extra pair of hands was so helpful. Putting shoes on two little boys while holding another child is not easy! I got so much more sleep than I would have without her and I am so grateful she was willing to put her Mesa life on hold so that she could help with Declan's delivery and my transition.

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My mom might be on a mission next time I have a kid. Or maybe we won't be living in the United States. I am so grateful she was able to come out. I loved our late night talks and even though I didn't love the early mornings, she helped make them a little better. She put up with a half-inflated air mattress, a crazy hormonal daughter, and a lot of sitting around doing nothing. She is an amazing mother and grandmother.

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I am excited to spend time with Sam's parents when they come out next month. Sam has an incredible mom and dad and I am glad they reared a son who is awesome.

Happy Mother's Day, Madre and Marian!


Geevz said...

I kove the faces of the boys in the last picture :) I can't wrap my head around two kids let alone three. I'm so glad Declan is being sweet. Hopefully the others will get on board. I'll pray for you because new babies are hard even at their easiest.

Carissa and Tanner said...

You're an awesome mom. Ok? And you make amazingly cute babies!

Jershelly said...

I've heard that the transition from 2 to 3 kids is the hardest. I'm sure you're doing a great job though.

Kristi said...

Be kind to yourself, mama. You are a good mama to those sweet boys. Postpartum is a crazy time! I hear it peaks at 3-4 months. If at any point you don't feel quite right, I want you to message me. Or call. Just saying... just in case. We mamas have to look out for one another. Hugs!

Janelle said...

Adult sleeping pictures aren't the most flattering. Just sayin'.

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