A Day at the Farm

I am a member of a Williston toddler group on Facebook and they have such fun activities every few weeks. One of the other moms in the group invited everyone over for a tour of her farm. It was really interesting and the kids liked it, too.

We got to open the grain bins and then see the different kinds of grain. There wasn't a bucket for each child, and not to mention any names, but some people's kids were having breakdowns about not getting a bucket.

 photo FarmDay1_zps412297f3.jpg

Can we wrap this up so we can go see the cows?

 photo FarmDay2_zps015e452f.jpg

She was telling the kids not to climb in because grain acts a lot like water. It was kind of freaking me out since I had just read an article about people drowning in grain bins.

 photo FarmDay3_zps0d66b02e.jpg

Grain in his hair.

 photo FarmDay5_zps13e8a561.jpg

 photo FarmDay4_zpsc2ae5e08.jpg

First order of business after digging in hay? Stick your fingers in your mouth, of course!

 photo FarmDay6_zps172e4e13.jpg

Carissa came with us and she carried Declan the whole time. They coordinated outfits and everything.

 photo FarmDay7_zps63f633cb.jpg

We got to see a baby cow and its very protective mother, play with grain some more, then eat homemade hummus. We also got a small bag of chickpeas and lentils to bring home. It was such a fun morning at the farm!

 photo FarmDay8_zps43c0c5ea.jpg


Carissa and Tanner said...

That was such a fun little day/outing. Declan looks so tiny.

Camille Elise said...

"Grain in his hair" HILARIOUS!!!

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