Sam doesn't have to go on work trips very often. A few months before Declan was born, Sam talked to me about going to Houston for a training at the end of April. I knew we would have a new baby but my mom would still be in town for part of it so I said it would be fine. Then Sam found out about another training the very next week. His boss suggested he stay over the weekend instead of flying home since the hotel would be cheaper than two extra flights. This is the reason Sam missed 11 of Declan's first 20 days of life.

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Sam gets annoyed because I always call his work trips "vacation." However, he had three days of no work/trainings in the middle so this really did qualify as a vacation! He got to see quite a few friends from his MILR program at Cornell. Houston seems to attract MILRs!

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Sam was busy during his trainings so he wasn't available for me to call/text. It was frustrating to feel totally alone (except for the three kids ages three and under). I think I probably overshared with my friend on our trips to the park (sorry, Alyssa!). I was just so excited to have someone to talk to! There were definitely tears from me in the five days I was alone with the boys. Lots of quiet snuggles with Declan in the middle of the night, too. I loved having the nights with Declan. During the day we went on lots of walks, got frozen yogurt, and only made it through one of the days because of a friend bringing dinner (thanks, Carissa!). We were definitely just getting by. There was no super mom to be found in this house.

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Sam was out of town on our anniversary. After he got home, we went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Crazy that we were a family of five before our fifth anniversary. We left all three boys with our friends. I have never left a nursing baby so young. I guess I am getting more relaxed. It also greatly helps that we have friends who I trust with my babies. Thanks, Tanner and Carissa!

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Matthew & Laura said...

FYI you are the definition of super mom in my opinion. I love those pictures of Sam and the boys, so precious.

Geevz said...

Sounds really rough! Those first two weeks are terrible even with a husband. You are supermom for surviving.

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

Every mom is a supermom, but you've made it to super-duper-mom status because you are amazing, and that's a true story ;)

Carissa and Tanner said...

I agree with above comments. I think you are super amazing. And good job on getting updated on blogging!

Jershelly said...

I'm glad you survived! And I think you're an amazing mom.

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