Documenting Declan (2 Months)

Weight: 13 pounds, 2 ounces
Length: 23 inches

There are so many Declan quirks that can't be captured in a picture, video, or even words. Declan is my little buddy. I love how his hands shake back and forth when he stretches and how I get so many kisses from him because he dives into my head and puckering my lips is the quickest way to soften the headbutt. I love his half smiles and his silly eyes. I love how pleased he looks if he spits up. The same look I am sure I'll see hundreds more times as he learns to empty the toy box and then when he learns to walk and probably again when he learns to ride a bike. I love the chunks on his thighs and the way his bottom cheek droops when he is lying on his side. Every part of him is so precious.

 photo TwoMonths3_zpsd9b98b07.jpg
Alex and Edison shared some toys. Just in case Declan gets bored of staring at the lights.

 photo TwoMonths4_zps18efa80f.jpg
These boys make me so happy. How can they already love Declan as much as I do? It amazes me.

 photo TwoMonths5_zps762c393f.jpg
Belly massage?

 photo TwoMonths6_zpsc3093392.jpg
Edison is constantly saying, "Tuuute." Every time he sees Declan it is like he cannot control himself and must comment on the cute baby.

 photo TwoMonths7_zps34703f14.jpg
Slumber party at Declan's!

 photo TwoMonths11_zps191c4e3c.jpg
His little nose!

 photo TwoMonths8_zpscf6d4c0c.jpg
I don't blame them. I like to be around Declan, too.

 photo TwoMonths9_zps00a13856.jpg
Alex is so sweet with his little brother. This one at least.

 photo TwoMonths12_zpsc65d50fb.jpg
Edison starts crying hysterically if we don't let him kiss Declan. Then he repeatedly insists, "Kissss!" until we give in. He will even kiss Declan's feet.

 photo TwoMonths13_zps51763ff2.jpg
 "Mommy and Daddy aren't quite so squeezy when they hold me like this..."

 photo TwoMonths14_zpsf54e65b5.jpg
Daddy snuggles.

 photo TwoMonths15_zpsa0bbf671.jpg
This seems to be the best part of the day for both of them.

 photo TwoMonths33_zpsa4ae7ebc.jpg
This is my favorite outfit. It is still too big for him but he wears it once a week.

 photo TwoMonths16_zps89311d58.jpg
Always dancing.

 photo TwoMonths18_zps4b4cdfc1.jpg
Curly hair? Not really, but I will pretend.

 photo TwoMonths20_zpsdcaf33a0.jpg
Crazy faces and puckered lips.

 photo TwoMonths21_zps68a2436d.jpg
Alex has started asking to hold Declan a lot more.

 photo TwoMonths25_zpscf992ea4.jpg
I don't know why all babies do this but it cracks me up.

 photo TwoMonths26_zps93748638.jpg
Wrapped around his finger.

 photo TwoMonths27_zps55566aa5.jpg
We spend his awake time gazing into each others' eyes.

 photo TwoMonths28_zpse190b675.jpg
His skin started clearing up about one week after his baby blessing. Hallelujah!

 photo TwoMonths29_zps142f4cfd.jpg
Cute blanket, Great Grandma Merkley!

 photo TwoMonths30_zps9fc043e0.jpg
You can do it!

 photo TwoMonths31_zps9bcee56e.jpg
"I think I had too much to drink."

 photo TwoMonths32_zpsbe8401e9.jpg
So loveable.

I have not kept it a secret that Declan is an amazing sleeper. His schedule is becoming more predictable. I basically just plan that he will be sleeping always.

 photo TwoMonths1_zps862ff3bb.jpg

 photo TwoMonths2_zps79bb7408.jpg

 photo TwoMonths22_zps02056ad9.jpg

 photo TwoMonths23_zps517e9dba.jpg

 How to be a good parent:

 photo TwoMonths10_zps5137cba5.jpg
Make sure the other children don't lie straight on top of the baby.

 photo TwoMonths17_zpsfd94a8f0.jpg
Feed your child on demand so they never look elsewhere for food.

 photo TwoMonths19_zps5c00780d.jpg
Help the child experiment with different styles.

 photo TwoMonths24_zps0a8e68c6.jpg
Introduce them to delicious ice cream as young as possible. (Just kidding, Mom. Set down the phone.)

Here are a few more things Declan does for which I do not have a matching picture:
 ...is another month closer to crawling and walking and leaving on his mission and retiring. How does this happen so fast?!
...is getting very grabby at my hair. His clammy hands like to grab Sam's leg hair, too.
...is smiling when awake, asleep, pooping, always. He started smiling in response to us at 5 weeks and I am surprised he doesn't smile while he's crying.
...opens his eyes so wide if he wakes up and it is dark. I love seeing him trying to take in everything.
...does a lot of grunting and snorting.
...turns his head from side to side constantly. His bald spot is coming along quite nicely.
...would not wake up when I tried to get his passport photo taken. We poked, tickled, tipped him upside down, stripped him, and pulled his eyelids open. No luck.
...loves to hold our fingers.
...sleeps for up to eight hours at night and nurses every 2-4 hours during the day.


Janelle said...

That green, bug blanket is really cute. And no, I hadn't picked up the phone. :) I know you better than that.

Holly Decker said...

It's a good thing I haven't met him yet... I would gobble up his cheeks immediately.

Jershelly said...

He is so adorable! You're making me baby hungry. Haha.

Camille Elise said...

My favorite part...your photo captions. So funny!

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