Kids' Day Out

The community center had a Kids' Day Out two days after Declan was born. I considered going but then decided I would rather take a nap so I stayed home while Sam and my mom took Alex and Edison.

Instead of taking a nap, I ended up doing laundry and cleaning the house. It was not as restful as I had intended but it was nice to have some quiet snuggle time with Declan, too.
The boys had so much fun. They got lunch, cupcakes, and candy. There was facepainting, a police car, and bounce houses. There were supposed to be some outdoor activities like a train but it was snowing so everything was moved inside.

 photo KidsDayOut1_zps0d0147e4.jpg

 photo KidsDayOut2_zpsa30d704d.jpg

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 photo KidsDayOut4_zpsa9b4bc96.jpg

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Approximately every person in Williston was there. Edison got lost for about ten minutes and when Sam finally found him, he was just happily wandering around with candy in his hand that he found somewhere. I am glad I wasn't there because I would have been freaking out. That kid is too independent for my liking.

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Janelle said...

Yeah, I was freaking out. I was hiding it, but I was freaking.

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