Band Day

We went to the 81st Annual Band Day Festival here in Williston. I was excited to see what a Williston parade would entail and it was pretty much what you would expect to see in Williston.

 photo BandDay1_zps85164949.jpg

There were a lot of trucks and tractors. Lots of people were just in their family trucks driving around. It was like they woke up that morning and said, "Honey! Get some candy. I feel like being in a parade today!" There were a million and a half pageant winners. I could not believe how many girls with sashes and crowns drove by.

 photo BandDay2_zpsdc3b7b38.jpg

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We sat with the McBrides and Niederhausers from our ward. Lots of these pictures are from Carissa because I was busy shading a baby. Nikki was hilarious to sit with because she was yelling out the names of all of the people on the floats, just because it said their names and not because she knew any of them.

 photo BandDay4_zps5e60d43f.jpg 

Edison looks very judgmental.

 photo BandDay5_zps3a7bf1b2.jpg

The boys were not interested in many of the floats. Mostly just the ones with candy.

 photo BandDay6_zps27c9faf6.jpg

Declan was just a tiny little thing. He only had two chins back then.

 photo BandDay7_zps23c97ea2.jpg

Alex figured out that people would throw candy to him if he would wave to them. This parade was long though. I can't remember exactly but it may have been about an hour and a half? Waving got very tiring. So then Alex just stood there with his hand in waving position but not moving it at all. It was kind of creepy. And hilarious. As soon as Alex got candy, he would bring it back to put in Sam's hat. Edison was too cool to chase after the candy. He was sitting by Sam and would just pull out candy after candy to eat. Edison is a mooch. Poor Alex did all the hard work.

 photo BandDay8_zpsa0f036d0.jpg 

The top band was Distinguished Men of Brass. They were on America's Got Talent.
The middle picture is of a non-marching marching band.
Regina, Saskatchewan also brought a band. Living so close to another country is funny.  

 photo BandDay9_zps93f74685.jpg

Giant diesel truck in a parade. Weird.

 photo BandDay10_zps6007596f.jpg

Maybe it was because I had low expectations, but it ended up being a pretty good parade. It was a good representation of Williston. If we are still in Williston next year, I am sure we will be right there on the curb again!

 photo BandDay11_zps43f864f0.jpg

 photo BandDay12_zps90c28ad7.jpg


Carissa and Tanner said...

Haha - Declan only had two chins back then. Funny :) Good job on the catching up!

Camille Elise said...

Gosh, I haven't seen a parade in...a long time! My favorites were, honestly, the ones with candy too. So, I don't blame your boys... :) Um, so, ya, that "giveaway" on my blog was a joke...not really in this sense that I was laughing about it but because I was seeing if people who read my blog would just suddenly appear and comment. Ya, right. Anyways, I would love to send you a little crafty thing! You're my friend and all right? Maybe you could just email me your address and I'll send you a surprise! :) my email is camroth85@gmail.com

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