Documenting Declan (3 Months)

Weight: 14 pounds, 9 ounces
Length: 24.5 inches

Tick tock. Another month gone. Alex is always asking everyone's ages. He asked us again tonight and Sam said Declan was .25 years old. That's halfway to solid foods. Aye yi yi. He keeps getting cuter! I love these new stages he is entering and that he interacts with us more each day!

 photo 3Months1_zps7402eeea.jpg
Constantly observing.

 photo 3Months2_zpscb978897.jpg
 Already a ladies' man.

 photo 3Months3_zps22f1071a.jpg
First time swinging.

 photo 3Months4_zps9e86510b.jpg
His poofy cheeks. So kissable.

 photo 3Months5_zps4b202110.jpg
First time all together. No one pooped this time!

 photo 3Months6_zpsa3d6e84c.jpg
Alex really loves Declan. He wants to cuddle with him all the time.

 photo 3Months7_zps4d520a57.jpg
More snuggles.

 photo 3Months8_zps3d93d078.jpg
Alex changed Declan's diaper. It was hilarious.

 photo 3Months9_zpsec11719c.jpg
Edison found the button!

 photo 3Months10_zps2999b9d0.jpg
Hanging out with the boys.

 photo 3Months11_zps9ed9e0f8.jpg
Edison is still obsessed with kissing Declan. Even his feet.

 photo 3Months12_zps3288c8e8.jpg
He went swimming. Not really. I dipped his feet and he screamed like I had never heard him scream. So then I dipped his head.

 photo 3Months13_zps8eb30b33.jpg
Dancing baby.

 photo 3Months14_zps46054d39.jpg
Baby butt crack.

 photo 3Months15_zpsa02ce429.jpg
He had a huge blow out one day while we were out. So he just stayed in a diaper.

 photo 3Months20_zpsb9f75403.jpg
He discovered his hands and spends the majority of awake time staring at them. He turns his hands around and really examines them.

 photo 3Months16_zps48623c59.jpg
He wants to suck his thumb so badly. His tongue is always out, too.

 photo 3Months17_zps437aaf90.jpg
His facial expressions are awesome.

 photo 3Months18_zps2b622a4b.jpg
Daddy was trying to get him to laugh. He's not ready yet.

  photo 3Months19_zps8b0b4220.jpg
Escaped from the swaddle.

 photo 3Months21_zps5a467412.jpg
Facial "hair!"

 photo 3Months22_zps45472b12.jpg
So smiley. If we smile at him while he's crying, he looks so conflicted and gives a half-smile half-pout.

 photo 3Months23_zpsfe65247a.jpg
"Can you bring me something from the kitchen?"

 photo 3Months24_zpsd629954b.jpg
He is sleeping through the night. Every night! Usually about 10 hours. Hallelujah!

Here are a few more things Declan does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...loves lying on hard surfaces such as the table or counter.
...tasted his first food. We were in the car and Alex yelled, "Edison gave Declan a goldfish!!!!" Declan was spitting it out and looking disgusted. But he had been crying earlier. I think Edison was trying to help. But I made a big deal of never doing that again.
...went on his first road trip and now has been to five states.
...is very generous with his smiles and cooing.
...wants to sit up. He is discontent lying on his back and tries pulling his head up. He doesn't love the Bumbo though.
...watches the boys play and his eyes follow them around the room while they run.
...breastfeeds every three(ish) hours and is usually done in 10-15 minutes. It looks like enough though, because this baby is a chunk!


Carissa and Tanner said...

Wow. He is getting chunky in the most perfect best way possible. So dang cute!! It's basically impossible to choose a favorite pic amongst all of those but I LOVE the close up one of him in his awesome outfit. I think the caption was one of his many facial expressions. He's a handsome little guy already!

Sarah said...

Look at you already in a swim suit 3 months after having a baby and looking tiny. YOU ROCK!

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