Emily Sarah's Visit to Williston

Sam's sister came to visit us in May. She wanted to come out to meet Declan baby (it sounds backwards, but I call him that a lot) and so she decided to come over Memorial Day weekend so Sam would have an extra day home with her.

Emily Sarah has made a blanket for each of the boys when they were born. Alex and Edison liked Declan's new blanket.

 photo EmilysVisit1_zpsca0459b0.jpg

 photo EmilysVisit14_zpscf20ac15.jpg

The boys loved having someone around who could endlessly play Duplos and read books to them.

 photo EmilysVisit2_zps9755fc3d.jpg

Aunt Emily also let Alex use her camera. He took hundreds of pictures of everything in the house. He was running around like a mad man with the camera.

 photo EmilysVisit3_zpseea87f87.jpg

 photo EmilysVisit4_zpsb1f75e70.jpg

Each night ended with games.

 photo EmilysVisit17_zpsc5ba2de9.jpg

The boys made themselves at home on Emily Sarah's bed.

 photo EmilysVisit5_zpsdd31b23a.jpg

We went to the park by our house. The boys would live at the park if they could.

 photo EmilysVisit6_zps6466e94e.jpg

 photo EmilysVisit15_zps2d70e353.jpg

 photo EmilysVisit16_zpse4093882.jpg

This might be the last picture we have of our hoop with a net. Someone stole our net. That's right, just the net. I know I shouldn't be surprised because this is Williston. But that one surprised me.

 photo EmilysVisit7_zpsd029307a.jpg

We attempted to go to the races but they were expensive and loud so then we tried to go see a movie. But I didn't have enough cash (that's right, the theater only takes cash) and the movie was about to start and it was in 3D. So instead we got frozen yogurt then played at the park.

 photo EmilysVisit8_zps8df5fb80.jpg

 photo EmilysVisit9_zps5101263d.jpg

 photo EmilysVisit13_zps1e0e6999.jpg

On Memorial Day, we went to Minot. It was such a rainy day though so a lot of our plans got foiled. We saw a movie and then shopped. Not very exciting.

 photo EmilysVisit10_zpsc6b5b27e.jpg

On Emily Sarah's last day, we walked down Main Street. There isn't a lot to see on Main Street but it was fun to walk around and not have anything we needed to be doing.

 photo EmilysVisit11_zps958e3d8a.jpg

 photo EmilysVisit12_zps5f9b32cd.jpg

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