Father and Sons Camp-In

Our ward Fathers and Sons camp-out was canceled because it had been raining so much that the campground was under water. The boys had been really excited about it so Sam decided to "camp in" with them instead.

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They set up the tent together, ate s'mores, and then watched a movie while eating popcorn. Alex said, "It's the funnest, funnest camp-out ever."

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Declan fell asleep around 8pm and I had the whole night to myself. Alex and Edison finally fell asleep around 10:30pm. They were a little sad from being overtired.

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Just after midnight, I was arranging Declan in his bedroom and was walking by the tent when I heard throw up sounds. Edison. He had thrown up a few days before but was acting fine and I really hoped it wouldn't happen again. I am glad it happened at home where I could start laundry and clean it up instead of Sam having to deal with it alone in the dark tent somewhere. Meanwhile, we had a mandatory water conservation order. Oops: 11 loads of laundry in four days.

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Sam is such an awesome dad. I am so glad he thought to do his own thing. The boys loved it.

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