Documenting Declan (4 Months)

Weight: 15 pounds, 15 ounces
Length: 25 inches

Something has changed this month. Declan isn't just a newborn anymore. He is becoming a real person. He doesn't smile just because I am smiling at him. He smiles at me because he is happy. He is excited to see me. He is happy for eye contact and snuggles. His cries have also changed. He now yelps for attention or if he can't see someone. It is a really wimpy little whine and I always tell him that he needs to be more convincing. His genuine smiles are definitely convincing! It is like his smiles come from his soul. He can't contain it just to his face. His legs kick and his arms flail. He smiles with his whole body.

 photo FourMonths1_zps8d7c44f0.jpg
He is slightly delusional. He thinks breast milk is the nectar of the gods but I've tried the stuff and it is not all he hypes it up to be.

 photo FourMonths2_zps36f17fdf.jpg
He learned knuckles.

 photo FourMonths3_zps53e7af24.jpg
Sam saw this picture and said, "Whose kid is that?"

 photo FourMonths4_zpse5cc563b.jpg
Edison is always crashing the party.

 photo FourMonths5_zpseb60c3a6.jpg
"It's bigger than my body! Challenge accepted."

 photo FourMonths6_zpsa9686420.jpg
We Skyped with his birthday-sharing cousin Makenna. They are going to be great friends.

 photo FourMonths7_zps4705fc16.jpg
All smiles.

 photo FourMonths8_zps1b664c5a.jpg
He likes being where the party is at, even if it sometimes ends with a bum on his face.

 photo FourMonths9_zpsa866181c.jpg
Alex is obsessed with Declan. He gets so excited when Declan is awake and they can snuggle.

 photo FourMonths10_zps775e1914.jpg
Thanks for sharing, Edison. Declan was very interested.

 photo FourMonths11_zps3cab7f3a.jpg
"How badly would it hurt if I took a dive off of this chair?"

 photo FourMonths12_zps9ff41466.jpg
It really wasn't.

 photo FourMonths13_zpsf8d8e666.jpg
Peaceful little baby.

 photo FourMonths14_zps87200416.jpg
Hanging out at the park. I love these days.

 photo FourMonths15_zps88e5e646.jpg
Why is the house a mess? This.

 photo FourMonths16_zpsa64477b8.jpg
Four months old and already flipping people off.

 photo FourMonths17_zpsd2fb8609.jpg
His face. Amazing. He is looking at himself on the screen.

 photo FourMonths18_zps4b9f356f.jpg
He loves holding toys and has figured out how to move his hands to get a toy in front of him.

 photo FourMonths19_zps4eed33ae.jpg
He is a killer cutie.

 photo FourMonths20_zpsee4432b2.jpg
Helping Mommy make dinner.

 photo FourMonths21_zps79406f8b.jpg
His hands look so big. They aren't long, skinny, dainty newborn hands anymore.

 photo FourMonths22_zpsf613ef02.jpg
He is fascinated by his hands and wants to suck his thumb but can't form suction. He ends up a gagging, slobbery mess.

 photo FourMonths23_zpsbc45e032.jpg
A day in the life. Play, almost wiggle out of swing, sleep.

 photo FourMonths24_zpse63a5e6e.jpg
"One goal: How can I get that in my mouth?"

 photo FourMonths25_zpsa0694125.jpg
Doomed already.

A few more things Declan does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...laughed at 3 months, 4 days old while Sam was tickling his inner thighs.
...loves his Mommy. If someone besides me (including Sam) is holding him, he will contort his body and stare at me.
...loves sleep. Sometimes as he's falling asleep, he is so pleased about it that he laughs.
 ...has not rolled over. Lazy bum.
 ...sleeps through the night. He is awake for 3 hours at a time during the day. He eats about seven or eight times a day.


Janelle said...

That blue-striped giraffe outfit has gone through a LOT of boys. Declan, your uncles all wore that.

Spencer and Anna said...

He looks so much bigger than he did when we were there! What a cutie!

Laura And Matthew said...

He is so cute Emily. I am excited for he and Makenna to meet soon :)

Paxton said...

Oh my goodness, your boys are so cute! Seriously, I love these pictures of your latest cutie! He's got the cutest chub and smiles!

Paxton said...

Oh and I am seriously behind on your blog, so I will be up all night blog stalking you ;-)

Paxton said...

But really. Your boys are cute :-)

Sarah said...

I love the picture of the 3 boys with the caption "all smiles"

Jershelly said...

He's a doll!

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