Flying a Kite

I bought a few kites at Walmart because they were super cheap. We carried them around in our truck for a long time and Alex kept asking when we could use them. I eventually told him we could use them on Saturday when Sam would be home. He asked every day if Saturday had arrived. After a veritable eternity in kid time, it was Saturday.

 photo Kite1_zps5fcfd444.jpg

The boys lost interest after a few minutes. Then Edison decided to hold it one more time. A few seconds later, he got bored and let go. It flew over the fence into the airport. Sam was going to climb the fence but he was wearing flip flops and it was stuck in a tree on the other side so I dissuaded him.

 photo Kite2_zpsa224b156.jpg

It is so cheesy but I feel like we have arrived as parents. Flying and losing a kite with our kids. This is the life.

 photo Kite3_zps7111b153.jpg


Carissa and Tanner said...

Reminds me of a funny story when tanner and I were flying kites and a little 10 year old girl came up to us and asked - "so even though your old you still fly kites?" "Yep" "livin the dream, huh!?" Holy moly it made us laugh. Flying kites is the life :)

Holly Decker said...

right? something about kite flying epitomizes childhood and good parenting.

Paxton said...

Love it! Flying kites is definitely a sign you have arrived as parents ;-)

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