Happy 4th Birthday, Alex!

This boy is so sweet and so crazy all in one. He can be gentle and loving, wild and chaotic. He has such a tender disposition and can bring us all together. He is always thinking about other people. He loves to do fun things and asks me every morning, "What day is it? What are we doing today?"

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We did the usual recording of Sam and I interviewing each other about the birthday boy. For the first time last year, we asked Alex questions about himself. We asked him those same questions this year. He is maturing so quickly! Even his speech has changed drastically.

Alex says so many funny things. People frequently comment on how Alex talks like an adult. So here are some "Alex-isms."

Emily: Who's the cutest Merkley?
Alex: Declan!

Emily: I need to do my hair and then we can go.
Alex: Okay, because it looks a little scary.
Emily: Oh really?
Alex: And adorable.
Emily: Nice save.

After Sam shaved his beard...
Alex: Daddy, what happened to all the little pokers on your face?

Alex: What is that thing behind the truck?
Emily: That's a trailer.
Alex: That's not a trailer. Trailers don't have wheels. Trailers are houses.
(Thanks, Williston)

Emily: Can I have a kiss?
Alex: Uhh. Tomorrow.

Alex, yelling from his bed: I have a hanger [hangnail] on my gigantic toe!

Alex, counting: nine, ten, eleven, two-teen, thirteen...

Alex: Keep an eye on Declan, will ya?
Emily: I will.
Alex: Two eyes, okay?

Alex: Can I have another mustache-io? [pistachio]

Alex has started to parrot our parenting:
He got a whole apple out of the fridge then asked to watch a show. I said I would turn it on after Declan was done eating. He said, "No! Watch a show or put my apple in the garbage?" I said, "Put the apple in the garbage, I guess." He yelled, "Noooo!" Sometimes the two choices theory doesn't work out as it should.

Alex: How much do you weigh?
Emily: [redacted to protect the fatty]
Alex: Wow. I've never seen someone weigh that much!

Alex, singing: I am a child of God and so my eyes are brown.

Alex: What is my arm touching that's sticky?
Emily: Your arm is sticky.
Alex: Oh. Right.

Alex and Edison were playing Go Fish:
Alex: Ask me if I have any tiger fish.
Edison: Tiger fish?
Alex: I do! I have two! Here you go. Ask me if I have any sea horses.
Edison: Sea horses?
Alex: I do! Here you go...

Emily: Alex, why won't you look at me?
Alex: I'm looking at Declan because he's cuter.


Matthew & Laura said...

He is so adorable Emily. I really hope things work out so you guys can come to Thanksgiving. I miss you and those boys!

Nathanael Neil said...

I was really hoping he would say that I am his favorite uncle... I need to step up my game.

Janelle said...

Favorite aunt, huh? 20 years gone. I'll take it!

Jershelly said...

Haha. He is hilarious!

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