SLB Open House

Sam had been preparing for this open house for months. It was a really big deal and since he is the only HR person in Williston, the success or failure of the open house would reflect on him directly. The open house is the time for employees and their spouses to come learn about the benefits available to SLB employees. I knew there would be lunch and a room for the kids so  loaded up the kids and we headed to the SLB yard. We walked in the kid room and a balloon popped. Immediate freakage from Edison. He hates balloons popping. Alex was willing to stay in the room and play with his gift bag full of toys and candy but Edison would not stop crying.

 photo OpenHouse1_zpsf01c0b4b.jpg

The clowns were popping balloons every few minutes. Not to mention, those were some of the freakiest clowns I have ever seen.

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Edison, Declan, and I went around to the different booths. Then lunch arrived and they quickly ran out of food. This made me happy because the operations manager thought that the open house was going to be a total flop but there were a ton of people there!

I dropped off Edison in Sam's office so he could eat his lunch while I watched Sam's presentation. But then Declan woke up so I was wandering around helping him stay happy. What I saw of the presentation was very good though. Sam had practiced it twice the night before so I got the gist of what he was saying even though I was coming and going.

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 I wasn't allowed to enter the raffle because Sam works in HR. It was lame.

 photo OpenHouse2_zps384c38cc.jpg
Alex (Sam's replacement in Sugar Land) and Milae (Sam's administrator in Williston)

Eventually I remembered that I am not cut out for social situations with kids so we came home. We lasted for an hour and a half.

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Geevz said...

I love that last line. Kids do seem to complicate everything. I always get really self-conscious whenever they have a meltdown in a public place and swear I'm never leaving the house again. Then the next day I feel suffocated and have to leave the house. I'm glad the open house went well for Sam at least!

Holly Decker said...

You are super woman. Amen.

Carissa and Tanner said...

You're totally cut out for social situations!

Paxton said...

I agree with Holly Decker, you ARE super woman! I am not cute out to be a mom of three, so when I see someone do it at all, let alone as well as you I am over awed! I love that you do so much with your boys where ever you are!

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