Alex's Drive-In Movie Party

All of Alex's friends were out of town at the beginning of August so we planned Alex's birthday party for a few weeks later so everyone could come.

The invitation as my first ever from-scratch Photoshop project. I am pretty proud of it.

 photo DriveInMovie1_zps447b158c.jpg

The drive-in movie theater in town closed right before we moved here. A few weeks before the party, they tore down the screens. Although a real drive-in would have been cool, I think our home version was even better.

 photo DriveInMovie2_zps3e01b65f.jpg

Alex's requested hot dogs for his birthday party. It was a great and easy movie food.

 photo DriveInMovie3_zpsb8b4ab42.jpg

 photo DriveInMovie4_zps06237fdc.jpg

 photo DriveInMovie13_zps6a6cb35b.jpg

When everyone arrived, we started building our cars.

 photo DriveInMovie5_zps1d11b5d7.jpg

 photo DriveInMovie6_zps7b3823b9.jpg

Each person got six tickets and they were able to buy what they wanted. It helped them not be totally hyped up on candy. I covered boxes with red wrapping paper so they could use them as trays. Then they took their food back to their cars, turned off their headlights, and the feature presentation began.

 photo DriveInMovie20_zpsf98bf50d.jpg

The kids sat in their cars the entire movie. I couldn't believe it. We showed Mater's Tall Tales because it is only 30 minutes long and Alex loves it. We could have shown a two hour movie and those kids would have been happy! I think it was because they were each in their own cozy box.

 photo DriveInMovie7_zps40d737bd.jpg

 photo DriveInMovie8_zpsb4bee50c.jpg

The parents got to eat and chat during the movie.

 photo DriveInMovie9_zps805177b5.jpg

 photo DriveInMovie10_zpsbf85686e.jpg

 photo DriveInMovie11_zps96a235c9.jpg

Alex was having a blast!

 photo DriveInMovie12_zps573709cc.jpg

After the movie, we had cupcakes. I painted watered-down food coloring onto the marshmallows with a paint brush. That was my crazy party moment.

 photo DriveInMovie14_zpsf3aadc1c.jpg

Alex opened the gifts his friends had brought him. He was so spoiled!

 photo DriveInMovie15_zps63246991.jpg

 photo DriveInMovie19_zps0474d4f6.jpg
Super cute birthday card!

Kids love Sam so much.

 photo DriveInMovie16_zps9795c61a.jpg

 photo DriveInMovie17_zpsf4af48d6.jpg

Each child got their own movie kit party favor.

 photo DriveInMovie24_zps5b56a94f.jpg

Edison was testing out the cars earlier in the day before the party.

 photo DriveInMovie21_zps7bdd2c3a.jpg

I planned to make funnel cakes at the party so I practiced them a few days before. They were delicious but I decided to do cupcakes instead of funnel cakes.

 photo DriveInMovie22_zpsf7a9711c.jpg

The aftermath...

 photo DriveInMovie23_zps67c0d3ce.jpg

I am glad we could celebrate Alex with this party. My first baby is four! 

 photo DriveInMovie18_zpsf47ed377.jpg


Nathanael Neil said...

You can be my birthday planner next year! That looked amazing!

Geevz said...

That looks amazing! How fun!

Sarah said...

That looks like the funnest birthday party ever!

Fiona said...

CUTE! Great job, Emily! I totally might steal this for one of my boys...lol!

Fiona said...

Oh, one other thing I was going to say. I am always paranoid to mix food with kids in my house because our carpet is really light. The boxes are a great for containing the mess, too! I might start doing this even when my kids want to watch a movie and have popcorn!

Carissa and Tanner said...

Holy macaroni - I knew we missed out but I didn't realize HOW much we missed out on. That looks intense and awesome and mostly more awesome. Nice work! I'm very much impressed.

Jershelly said...

You are so creative Emily! You really know how to throw a party. Happy Birthday to Alex!

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