Best Frenemies

Alex and Edison. These two are inseparable. If one of them is doing something good, the other wants to be beside him being even better. If one is being bad, the other must be even worse. They are only separated by a few inches, a few pounds, and 20 months. It has been so fun watching them become friends. I hope they stay best friends and maybe the worst enemies part can fade a little.

 photo Frenemies1_zpscc6be622.jpg

One day I heard Alex say, "Do you want to go potty first or me?" That would be really nice, except Edison isn't potty trained. So I ran into the bathroom and Alex was lifting a disrobed Edison onto the toilet.

 photo Frenemies2_zps12fc0b2a.jpg

They are so competitive: who can finish his food first, get his shoes on first, run the fastest, get dressed the fastest (or as Alex says, "Get my dressed on."), everything is a competition!

 photo Frenemies3_zps98c0084f.jpg

In the morning, if Edison wakes up first we hear, "Alex? Alex? Are you awake? ALEX?!!!" If Alex is already awake and upstairs, Edison will come up and say, "Good sleep, Alex?" If Edison is already upstairs, Alex comes up and casually says, "Hey, Nug."

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When we drop off Alex at school, Edison always says, "I go scoo?" Alex is so careful to make sure each one of us gets a hug and kiss before he goes into the classroom.

 photo Frenemies5_zpsb87cec70.jpg

They can band together to cause huge problems or devise mischievous plans. Or they can decide to be the fastest and most helpful little boys.

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I love my Thing One and Thing Two. I am so happy they have welcomed Declan into their clan and am excited to have my Three Musketeers.

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