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I thought I was cursed with terrible eaters. How could kids of a total food addict hate mealtime?! Rice cereal is not very appetizing. Alex refused to open his mouth and Edison would open his mouth then push the food back out with his tongue. Alex was eating baby food for months. I think he was over a year old and he still preferred baby food. We decided not to do that with Edison and started him on our table food after less than five attempts at rice cereal. We only bought a few bottles of baby food for Edison and they were a special treat in his stocking at Christmas when he was eight months old. Now we are "veteran" parents and have learned a few things. This time, I went straight for oatmeal and skipped rice. I also made it with warm breast milk instead of water.

I am not sure if it was because of something I did differently or if it is because Declan is just a superstar. He loved it! I am thrilled.

 photo Solids1_zpscfc16338.jpg
Praying before he starts.

 photo Solids2_zps55a5891d.jpg

 photo Solids3_zpsb98b5757.jpg

 photo Solids4_zpse0d9e21b.jpg

 photo Solids5_zpse4651c3a.jpg

 photo Solids6_zps3425f229.jpg 

Even though he made a funny face, he would dive on the spoon every time it got close to his mouth. He has never refused food and continues eating as long as we will feed him. I put him in his high chair and let him eat pieces of whatever I am eating. Hopefully we will have one child who does not despise eating. Declan has now had cheerios, bread, soup, bananas, and small smashed pieces of apple. So far, he eats everything that we put in his mouth. This kid is perfect.


Spencer and Anna said...

Love his face in these pictures...

Paxton said...

Oh those chubby cheeks!!!!! I could just squeeze and kiss him! You make such adorable little boys!

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