Documenting Declan (6 Months)

Weight: 17 pounds, 14 ounces
Length: 26 inches

Six months post-partum with both Alex and Edison was when I started feeling like I wanted another baby. I am happy to report that those feelings are not happening at all this time. I am perfectly content with my Declan baby. Declan seems very young to me. I was looking at him at dinner tonight and realized that if we weren't on vacation then I would have given him rice cereal today. It does not feel like he is old enough for food! He just seems like a really fat three month old! It has been nice to keep my baby as a baby. I don't need him to grow up yet. He can't help but be happy. He is so easy to snuggle and smooch. Happy half birthday, little guy!

 photo SixMonths1_zps54ffa4bf.jpg
He eats everything within reach which sometimes includes paper, crayons, or his brothers.

 photo SixMonths2_zps69388525.jpg
I have to remind the boys constantly that we hug Declan from the side and not from the top.

 photo SixMonths3_zpsd92e5a2f.jpg
He learned to sit up this month and can do it with no hands now. He is also very good at tipping over and then popping his head right back up for tummy time.

 photo SixMonths4_zps58e2a8fb.jpg
He graduated to size two diapers.

 photo SixMonths5_zps7f1ed602.jpg
He is just a really cool dude.

 photo SixMonths6_zpsb64f7872.jpg
We still annoy him. He is pretty resilient.

  photo SixMonths7_zps363afe45.jpg
I am so very careful when he is on the table. He is going to be my one kid who never falls off of anything. Right? Right.

 photo SixMonths8_zps9d26100f.jpg
My friend watched Declan and he became great friends with Punky. She said Declan hung onto her collar for several minutes and Punky was perfectly content.

 photo SixMonths9_zpsf5b8d8fc.jpg
Declan has started getting his knees under his body (9/24). Crawling will be coming soon!

 photo SixMonths10_zpsad80897d.jpg
Tiny body!

 photo SixMonths11_zps9da3132a.jpg
I couldn't find his bigger beanie so I pulled out the hat he got in the hospital. My, how he's grown!

 photo SixMonths12_zps3d02df01.jpg
He looks so awkward. He is sitting on a hill and trying to hold up his head.

 photo SixMonths13_zpsd0e017d5.jpg
He loves looking in the mirror or seeing himself on the camera. Normally he grins and then gets shy but he was feeling suspicious that day.

 photo SixMonths14_zps0a334fa2.jpg
Daddy is always setting him precariously on things.

 photo SixMonths15_zpsf7392711.jpg
The boys put him away with the rest of their toys.

 photo SixMonths16_zps5b93a358.jpg
I squeezed a pomegranate seed in his mouth. I can't really tell but I think he loved it.

 photo SixMonths17_zpsd5568554.jpg
Mom hazards. He was being superman above me. At least it didn't end up in my mouth which has been known to happen. The poop was nasty. I picked him up and then wondered why my arm felt wet so I looked in the mirror. He was pleased.

 photo SixMonths18_zps4efcab3f.jpg
He really likes playing with toys now.

 photo SixMonths19_zps9bef7dd5.jpg
He learned how to play I Throw Down, You Pick Up. Alex is a great sport and plays it with him endlessly. Edison does not enjoy it quite as much and on this particular day, Edison was getting very frustrated. I heard things like, "Hey, come on! You drop it 'gain!" And "Stop dropping it, Declan baby!"

 photo SixMonths20_zps00449790.jpg
Beautiful baby. He gets called a girl more than a boy (by strangers).

 photo SixMonths21_zps84b5cfb1.jpg
Kisses. Whoa, baby! Also, look at those arm rolls! You have to be pretty chunky to get forearm rolls!

 photo SixMonths22_zpsdb93ee3f.jpg
Making loud music.

 photo SixMonths23_zps08405c36.jpg
He learned to roll tummy to back (9/19) and back to tummy (9/24) this month. Now he just rolls and rolls like he owns the place, until he gets stuck on something. Then he eats it.

 photo SixMonths24_zps7b0449dd.jpg
We brought our television into the kitchen so we could watch baseball while playing a game at the table. Declan approved.

A few more things Declan does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...has such chunky thighs. I cannot reach my hand around a thigh. Not even close.
...blows raspberries which Alex and Edison never did and it leaves Declan as a very drooly mess.
...started fake coughing to get attention. It is a favorite developmental milestone of mine because I love seeing him figure out that he can manipulate.
...grunts. I don't know why and it isn't an angry grunt but he makes a throaty grunting sound. It is hilarious.
...sucks on his tongue or bottom lip.
...sleeps well but not through the night anymore. He wakes up around 5 or 6am. I am not happy about it but I know it could be worse.
...rarely eats. I don't know where this kid is getting his rolls because he nurses for about 5-10 minutes five times a day and once during the night.

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Pomegranates. That's better than lemon juice. Love those pics.

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