Fire Station Tour and Parade

During fire prevention week, we went to the Williston Fire Station to get a tour during the open house.

 photo FirePrevention1_zpsfff22fff.jpg

The boys were cold because all of the doors were open and immediately asked to go home. Then they saw cookies.

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They got to climb around in a fire truck.

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There were so many firetrucks and ambulances. I did not expect for there to be so many.

 photo FirePrevention4_zps51247a3a.jpg

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One fireman got in his full gear to show the kids. Edison was not going to risk taking his eyes off of the guy.

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Getting the group of Williston Toddler Days kids together was a struggle. We got some of them.

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That afternoon was a parade. We got there 45 minutes early because we were told the wrong starting time. Declan was very patient.

 photo FirePrevention8_zps29847a91.jpg

 photo FirePrevention9_zps8da71328.jpg

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I think we would have been able to hear the parade from our house. It was deafening and caused me to get a headache. I am pretty sure I could feel my brain vibrating. Every fire truck and ambulance had their sirens going and, on top of that, they were honking.  Alex covered his ears. I couldn't hear anything else and then I looked at Declan to see how he was responding and he was screaming his head off. The parade was only about five minutes long but that was all I could handle with that level of noise.

 photo FirePrevention11_zpsb2cf0da2.jpg

I am not sure if the boys learned anything about what to do in case of a fire, but hopefully they picked up on something! It was a fun day and I asked Alex if he wanted to be a fire fighter and he said, "No. A race car driver." So it was clearly a very influential experience.

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