In June, Alex started gymnastics. He was really shy at first but after that he would just march right over and start running around. He is a lot more coordinated now.

We decided to take the winter off. Gymnastics has been really fun for Alex but Edison isn't old enough even though he really wants to go. We decided it would be more fun to take both of them to the open gym together instead of Alex going alone to the lessons. Although there isn't any instruction during open gym, they still get to play on the equipment. Also, I get to watch them! During Alex's classes, I am not allowed to stay and watch because it is "too distracting" for the kids.

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Alex wasn't allowed to wear any clothing with buttons, zippers, or velcro. So he pretty much wore his pajamas every week. One week he asked to wear his footy pajamas to gymnastics and I said that he couldn't and he said, "But I always wear my jammies." Kids these days, making valid arguments. Still no.

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One day after dropping off Alex, I took Edison to get ice cream. I took one bite of his cone and he said, "Don't bite it! Only yiiiick!" After that, he asked for ice cream every single week.

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It is strange to me that Alex is starting to have these experiences without me. He has a whole gymnastics life that I know nothing about. I try to have him tell me what he does but I get an abbreviated version that doesn't include very much detail. I guess that's what growing up entails. Mommy pity party: my baby's growing up!

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Janelle said...

The first day bridge was a table top. By the last day, he was doing a real backbend. Fun times.

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