Homecoming and Camping

I took the boys to watch the Williston High School homecoming parade. We met up with McBrides and sat in the back of their car to stay warm as we waited for the parade to start.

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Right before the parade reached us, a police officer pulled up and parked sideways in the middle of the road. Then he directed the parade around his vehicle. It was bizarre. There were some cool floats, too, but my phone decided to malfunction and turn off.

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After we got home from the parade, I packed up dinner and then Sam got home from work. He loaded up the camping gear and took off with Alex and Edison. I was so excited to have it just Declan and me for the night. I was so excited that I fell asleep at 6pm. I woke up a few hours later and then was up until 2:30am. Declan woke up three times between then and 8:30am. It was still a nice, quiet night just the two of us.

Sam and the boys went to Walmart on their way out of town to get worms for fishing. I later learned he also let the boys buy candy.

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They set up camp at Blacktail Dam and then cooked hot dogs over the fire. Once they were done, they went fishing. It gets dark early now.

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The boys were cold and tired and told Sam that they wanted to get in the tent. They got jammied up and then got to eat their candy. Seriously.

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It was 40 degrees that night and the boys got right back in front of the fire in the morning.

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After breakfast, it was back to fishing again. The boys were interested for about five casts and then decided to throw rocks in the water instead.

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Once they were done fishing, they made s'mores. It is very apparent that mom was not around.

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That night, I went to the Relief Society Broadcast so it was another boys' night. The boys went to the McBride's house to get rides in the lawnmower trailer and play. They were there for so long that I beat them home after the broadcast.

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Jershelly said...

I wish that I was half as adventurous as you guys are. I need to work on that. You inspire me Emily.

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