Labor Day 2013

We went to the beach with the Althoffs, Andelins, Niederhausers, and Stoddards (Carissa's parents) on Labor Day. The beach is about 30 minutes away from our house and we had never gone there before. We were pretty excited. The boys were even more excited because they got to skip naps!

Alex and Edison loved playing in the water and Declan was content just staying in the shaded stroller.

 photo LaborDay1_zpsba6719d4.jpg

 photo LaborDay7_zps437b2859.jpg

 photo LaborDay2_zpsd47dadf0.jpg

 photo LaborDay3_zps795d573a.jpg

 photo LaborDay4_zps1062f65f.jpg

 photo LaborDay5_zps22a84a05.jpg

Yes, I was there. I wore jeans like a chump.

 photo LaborDay6_zpsdb6fd18a.jpg

Sam's shoe broke and we had to carry tons of stuff back to the car. Poor Sam burned his foot! After we got home, we cooked hot dogs and then the boys crashed. The day didn't go as planned but it still ended up being fun. I love when Sam gets to have the day off work!

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Jershelly said...

I love that first picture of Edison. He's so cute.

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