Party at Blacktail Dam

Alex's little friend Wyatt had his birthday party at Blacktail Dam. Alex was thrilled because the party would include friends, cake, and fishing. It cannot get any better in his eyes.

Alex decorated the paper and then helped me wrap up the gift. Then he decorated some more.

 photo BlacktailParty13_zps60c795eb.jpg

It was really windy and everything was blowing away so Guy moved their car to try to block the wind. It helped a little! It was nice because the wind kept the bugs away.

 photo BlacktailParty1_zps9f750bc1.jpg

We couldn't keep the kids away from the water. It was colder than last time we went so at least they weren't trying to get into the water.

 photo BlacktailParty2_zpsdf3da992.jpg

 photo BlacktailParty3_zpseaa813b4.jpg

We had tacos in a bag for dinner. The kids went off to play again and Larissa (Wyatt's mom, and party thrower extraordinaire), Abby, and Maggie started putting together the cattails.

 photo BlacktailParty4_zpsa93c86b3.jpg

 photo BlacktailParty5_zps9c080e46.jpg

Alex found a dead crawdad and carried it around. It smelled really bad.

 photo BlacktailParty6_zpscbbf747c.jpg

 photo BlacktailParty7_zps9d46a1ec.jpg

The kids came back around for cake. Alex and Edison each had three cake pops.

 photo BlacktailParty8_zps356efba6.jpg

 photo BlacktailParty9_zps686f0e5c.jpg
Rosalie and Maggie

Alex and Edison didn't catch any fish this time. They didn't mind though. They would fish into a swimming pool and still be happy.

 photo BlacktailParty10_zps309dd661.jpg

 photo BlacktailParty11_zpse30f9c87.jpg
Rosalie and Vaughn

We left just a few minutes after sunset. It was so dark without a fire going so we all headed out.

 photo BlacktailParty12_zps5d75409d.jpg

The boys loved their party favors and played with them for hours the next day. I almost bought this for Wyatt for his gift but decided on something else instead. That would have been really embarrassing!

 photo BlacktailParty14_zps9fcd7797.jpg

And for a little flashback to the last time we went to Blacktail Dam. I was so sad that we didn't have any pictures of Alex catching his very first fish. It turns out that Maggie did take pictures of it! I am so happy!

 photo BlacktailFlashback1_zps0831bec6.jpg

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