The Bismarck Half and Celebrating Fall

 Sam wanted to run the Bismarck Half Marathon again this year. I wasn't able to watch him run last year because I was in Wisconsin visiting the Sheranians. We left Williston at 3:45pm to head to Bismarck. We stopped for dinner in Minot and then drove the rest of the way. After we picked up Sam's packet, we went to our hotel and got the boys cozy in bed.

The next day was the race. It was 40 degrees when the race started. We dropped off Sam at the starting line and went to park. Then we walked to watch the start, then turned around and went back to our car.

The boys watched a movie on my phone and I moved the car closer to the finish line so I could sit in the car and watch people finish.

 photo BismarckHalf1_zps9a102034.jpg

When it got closer to the time we were expecting Sam, we went to the finish line. The winner of the half marathon finished in one hour and 11 minutes. The second man was a few seconds later. The winning woman crossed in 1:28 and then collapsed.

It was finally time for Sam! A girl was running slightly ahead of him and her dad walked out to give her a hug and totally blocked my picture of Sam. It was lame!

 photo BismarckHalf2_zps7db13ecf.jpg

We went to our hotel so Sam could shower and then we went back to the race for the awards ceremony.

 photo BismarckHalf3_zpsa1827bda.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf4_zpsc2b66c00.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf5_zps5cf19222.jpg

Sam got third place in his age group, 14th overall. He finished exactly 20 seconds slower than he did the year before.

 photo BismarckHalf6_zps723ae67a.jpg

Sam let Alex wear his jacket from last year since he won a new one!

 photo BismarckHalf7_zps9005b0e9.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf8_zps4bcacd23.jpg

After the awards ceremony, we went and got lunch.

 photo BismarckHalf9_zpsd3824e85.jpg

Then we went to the AppleFest. It was fun but I hate places where you pay to get in and then they charge for every little thing inside. We did the few free things and wandered around until it was time to go.

 photo BismarckHalf10_zps1b62002c.jpg

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 photo BismarckHalf17_zps92d26bf2.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf18_zps0fd1be52.jpg

I was so proud of Alex. He wanted to go in the fire truck but was being shy. He finally decided to go ask the fireman if he could get inside the truck!

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 photo BismarckHalf20_zpsf539f498.jpg

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We waited in line for an hour so the boys could get their faces painted. They both wanted alligators.

 photo BismarckHalf22_zps544db7a3.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf23_zpsef977c48.jpg

We got some yummy fresh apple cider.

 photo BismarckHalf24_zps95672586.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf25_zpsb386f1be.jpg

Although we were originally going to Bismarck for the half marathon, it was also our stake conference that weekend and our stake center is in Bismarck. Sam and I were both supposed to go to the leadership training meeting but that was impossible with the kids so Sam went to the meeting and I sat in the car with sleeping boys while I waited to meet up with Maggie. Guy also had to go to the meeting so Maggie and I took the kids to the park to play.

 photo BismarckHalf26_zpsa908f48f.jpg

Once the meeting was over, we all went to Papa's Pumpkin Patch together.

 photo BismarckHalf27_zpsff80c405.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf28_zpsb9526429.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf29_zps84bb9234.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf30_zps6611de9b.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf31_zpsdfdaee3d.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf32_zpseb256385.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf33_zpsf0634c9d.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf34_zps9dfc9ae9.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf35_zpsa1ac0a5e.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf36_zps915c1f4b.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf37_zps93300789.jpg

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 photo BismarckHalf40_zpse9b9aa88.jpg

These kids all get along so well.

 photo BismarckHalf41_zpse3cdfacb.jpg

The corn pit was so big and deep! We couldn't reach the bottom and there were tons of kids in there!

 photo BismarckHalf42_zps68e8e717.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf43_zps684a8ea1.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf44_zps796b0edb.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf45_zps34c3e9fa.jpg

 photo BismarckHalf46_zps35b8fa1c.jpg

We went to dinner and then drove home. We didn't get home until after midnight. Bismarck seems so far away. It was a fun trip though and I am just glad there wasn't snow on the ground yet!


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That looks like so much fun!

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Ketchup is a vegetable, I guess.

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