The First Day of School

I have guilt related to sending Alex to school. Why I am sending him somewhere else to do what I could do myself? I am not ready for him to be gone yet. I still have things to teach him and I don't think he is fortified and ready to face the world. But Alex is so excited. I hope he can be an example of good to those around him and not just a sponge for the bad.

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Alex is obsessed with preschool. He asks every day if he will go to preschool the next day. He only goes for three hours twice a week. He attends a Christian school. He is in good hands, I need to trust that they are reinforcing the things I am teaching and not taking over my job.

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Writing his name.

His backpack is so little and yet it is still big on him! He got dirty playing in the garage.

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Edison was feeling very left out. Preschool is during naptime so he had to take a nap alone. He kept saying, "Me go open house" because he remembered that the last time we had gone to the school it was for the open house.

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Sam came home on Alex's first day so that I could drop off Alex without Edison and Declan. I wanted it to be special just for Alex.

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I made him stop before we walked into school so he could take another picture. I think he was just ready to get in and get started!

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Everything said Alexander on it so I told the teacher that we just call him Alex and she seemed annoyed because she had already put his full name on all of his stuff. Oops. I guess I wasn't supposed to write his official name on the paperwork because that is what they go by.

When I dropped him off, he kissed me on the cheek. Too grown up for mouth kisses? It made me sad. But luckily he has resumed the mouth kisses.

He got in trouble right away because they were supposed to be reading books or doing puzzles and he got a toy instead.

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He is always so excited to show us what he did when he gets home from school.

 photo FirstDay7_zpsacb77762.jpg

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Alex is one day short of the cutoff but they made an exception for him to be in the four-year-old class. He is definitely the youngest. It doesn't seem like his cognitive ability is behind as much as his motor skills though. He mentioned that he needed help getting the stickers off of the pad one day and all of the other kids were done so fast. But he is young enough that it doesn't matter to him. He knows his letters, several numbers, and how to write his name so he is ahead of a lot of kids. He had to go to the cool down seat on the fourth day because he was doing headstands during story time. He already has the girls flocking. I saw him holding hands, fingers interlocked, with a little girl the other day as I dropped him off. So far, so good. Only fourteen years to go.

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