Trip to the Capital

Sam had been to Bismarck before but the boys and I had never gone with him. I was excited to finally go and to attend Stake Women's Conference. We left Williston at 3:30pm on Friday and got to women's conference 30 minutes late because construction was so bad that it made the drive four hours long. There weren't any chairs left when I got there so I stood against the wall and talked to Amy Andelin while everyone played games. Then I went outside and got to hear David open his mission call. So I wasn't really participating but it was still fun.

The next morning, I left the boys at the hotel and I went to the temple but I got there too late (even though I was 20 minutes early) and the session was already full. I did initiatory ordinances instead. 

 photo Bismarck1_zps9ec4ff1e.jpg

Once I was done at the temple, I went back to our hotel to help Sam load up the boys. They had been swimming and didn't want to get out.

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The boys were planning to go to the zoo while I was at women's conference but it was raining nonstop so he took them to a movie.

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The boys hadn't taken a nap so they fell asleep as soon as we got in the car after women's conference. We drove two hours to Minot, ate dinner, then drove the rest of the way home. 

 photo Bismarck4_zps2bfd5ed5.jpg
Edison has got some amazing bed head.

I am glad I was able to go. It was a good experience even though it was out of my comfort zone. I am glad Sam came to take care of Declan. I get so excited when I think about going on vacation with Sam. He is a great travel companion. And a great companion in general. Now this got goopy with feelings. I hate when that happens.

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