We Like To Party

It is so fun to have kids who are getting to the age that they have friends. It is also fun that those friends have parties. We went to two fun parties in the last few weeks.

Two of Alex's friends had a joint monster party at the art center downtown. The very first game after we arrived was a game to pop balloons by sitting on them. Bad news for Edison and Declan.

 photo Parties1_zpsd704d66b.jpg

Then they played Pin the Eye on the Monster. Alex was totally peeking.

 photo Parties2_zps66a81cfc.jpg

They also got to feed a monster some bean bags.

 photo Parties3_zps212dd128.jpg

 photo Parties4_zps90741909.jpg

 photo Parties5_zps1cd3a78f.jpg

Edison didn't want to color so I colored his picture for him. I asked him what to name it and he said, "Scary."

 photo Parties6_zpsd47b5daa.jpg

 photo Parties7_zps639d929f.jpg

 photo Parties8_zpse488d311.jpg
The birthday kids: Amaias and Addie.

Spinning little kids for a pinata is kind of hilarious. Addie's dad was brave and tried directing the kids toward the pinata and took a few whacks to the knee.

 photo Parties9_zps2dc53f64.jpg

When the pinata finally broke, Alex was all over it. He was filling his hat with candy, dumping it in my purse, then going back for more. There was so much candy in the pinata that the kids walked away and left a pile on the ground. Now we don't have to buy Halloween candy!

 photo Parties10_zps8ee4f243.jpg

We were all warmed up and ready for another party! Alex and Edison's friend Collin turned five. The invitation was so cute and they were thrilled to open it and then play with the wind-up chatterbox teeth.

 photo Parties11_zps18a69a8d.jpg

 The party was picture perfect. Collin's mom (Nikki) is practically Martha Stewart.

 photo Parties12_zpsab5c36e2.jpg

Nikki took pictures of all of the kids in the photo booth.

 photo Parties24_zpsd78a7250.jpg

While the pictures were printing, everyone decorated their picture frames.

 photo Parties13_zpsf585e03a.jpg

 photo Parties14_zps9b6431af.jpg
Kara and Jayme, Guy and Maggie

Collin did not want to smile about his "cake." He was being so funny and hiding under the table.

 photo Parties15_zpsd79b6c36.jpg

 photo Parties16_zps611b6d2f.jpg

 photo Parties17_zps998af275.jpg

 photo Parties18_zps4d378bf4.jpg

I was pleased with our wrapping paper. We got him Lincoln Logs and I think he liked them. Now I want to buy them for myself.

 photo Parties19_zpscab91cca.jpg

Collin's dad (Mike) took kids on rides in the lawn mower. It was cold and we hadn't brought Edison's coat. So he borrowed Rosalie's and didn't mind one bit.

 photo Parties20_zps58668be6.jpg

 photo Parties21_zpsc41608aa.jpg

 photo Parties22_zps41b28284.jpg

The party favors were adorable. Nikki is so creative and every little thing she does turns out looking amazing. I am glad we have friends to party with. Birthdays are the best.

 photo Parties23_zps87cd0d46.jpg

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