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I don't really collect anything. I love clearing out things and getting rid of clutter. I over purge to the point that Alex regularly asks me if I threw away whatever pictures he has recently drawn. Hey, I can't save everything, kid! Sam is the sentimental one in our relationship. He saves my love notes and hangs all of the boys' pictures on the fridge. But no collection is more special to Sam than his cards. He started collecting baseball cards when he was nine-years-old. Soon thereafter, he started collecting basketball and football cards. We move this chest with us each time we move. I am not sure how much these cards are worth but we estimated that there are 60,000 cards in there.

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I guess I am making my own little collection of cute boys. Alex was being the sweetest little helper today. I was feeding Declan first thing this morning and Alex kept coming over to us to see if Declan was done eating. I thought it was because he wanted me to get him breakfast. Nope. He wanted to cuddle Declan. Such a sweet big brother.

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I babysat a little three month old for a few hours today. He seemed so little compared to Declan! He was a total cutie and so happy. It was insane to realize that I was treating Declan differently because of the baby being around. Another reason I am definitely not ready to have another baby! I want to let Declan be spoiled by me for a while.

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