P is for...

Preparing lessons. Sam taught the Elder's Quorum lesson and I taught the Relief Society lesson today.

 photo IMG_9220_zpseac277fc.jpg

Playmates. Edison had to take a nap and so Alex played with Declan while we got ready for church.

 photo IMG_9221_zps11f4ead2.jpg

Power. Which we still have. P is not for water because we won't have any of that until tomorrow morning.

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Peppers and pretty great people. We had quinoa stuffed peppers for dinner and then a friend stopped by with cinnamon rolls. They are already gone and were super delicious.

 photo IMG_9224_zps73e13820.jpg

Pinning. Edison didn't want to get his teeth brushed today so Declan helped pin him down.

 photo IMG_9225_zps41c66b89.jpg

P could also be for the paper we found in Declan's poop today. I refrained from taking a picture of that though. Sorry to disappoint.

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Carissa and Tanner said...

I don't even know how we would survive without water for 12 hrs or more or less. Yuck. Your dinner looked awesome! So many great P things yesterday :)

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