A Little Chilly

So far, this winter has not been as snowy as last year. But it does seem colder. I don't remember the air hurting me last year. It is windy and cold every day. It hurts to breathe, touch door handles, and even exist outside. At least it is still very sunny. I appreciate the sunshine! I also appreciate our garage. I am so grateful we live somewhere with an attached garage. It makes a huge difference.

 photo Cold1_zps6cecf0c8.jpg

Edison: I not need a jacket. I only a little chilly.

(Then we went outside...)

Edison: My eyes are freezing!

 photo Cold2_zps9bb57c44.jpg

It is normal to be 80 degrees warmer inside our house than outside. It gets so cold that the trunk of our car won't close. We have to slam it down then hold it in order to get it to lock. North Dakota is a crazy place.

 photo Cold3_zpsf0966d8a.jpg

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