A Tour of FedEx

Williston Toddler Days went on a tour of the FedEx facility here in Williston. Alyssa's husband Mike works there and I was so excited to get a little peek into what he does. Sam took the day off since we were leaving to Minot later in the afternoon so he got to come on the tour, too.

 photo Fedex1_zps56c06c11.jpg

 photo Fedex2_zps1e34f7a5.jpg

They got little FedEx cars and footballs for the kids. It definitely made Alex and Edison more excited about the tour.

 photo Fedex3_zps7cf6890b.jpg

This is a smaller facility because Williston isn't a very big city. But it was still really cool to see how they organize things. I feel terrible for the drivers though!  They do not have a peak season here because people buy things online all year. There are so many new addresses and not enough workers so the drivers are out delivering packages until very late each night. I appreciate them even more now and always make sure I yell, "Thank you!" after they deliver a package to my door.

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