Alex's Preschool Program

Alex was a turd during his preschool program. I was so embarrassed but maybe it was kind of hilarious. He started out doing minimal movements then started acting coy. Such a punk.

 photo PreschoolProgram1_zps98c47dc4.jpg

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At least Alex wasn't the worst. There was another kid who was sitting down. I heard that kid's mom say to him, "Why wouldn't you sing? Now I don't have any pictures to show Daddy." So sad.

 photo PreschoolProgram4_zpsf25e9842.jpg

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 photo PreschoolProgram6_zpsb558142f.jpg
"Is he supposed to be doing that?"

 photo PreschoolProgram7_zps4427ecc2.jpg

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His teacher took him to the side afterward and asked him why he wouldn't sing. He said he was bored. That word has now been eradicated from our home vocabulary.

 photo PreschoolProgram9_zps61a0e590.jpg

Alex is frustratingly cute. I don't know why he chose to facepalm repeatedly and mutter under his breath instead of sing because he loves music so much. His teacher said he was the best one in rehearsal and knew all of the songs and actions. Next time I might have to bribe him to perform.

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