Documenting Declan (8 Months)

Weight: 18 pounds, 10 ounces
Length: 27 inches

If those measurements sound similar, it is because Declan has not grown at all since last month. He still eats beautifully but he never stops moving. I frequently exclaim, "That baby." I cannot think of any more words to describe him. He is too adorable.

 photo EightMonths1_zpsafa3e334.jpg
Being stuck is boring.

 photo EightMonths2_zpsd9d941b6.jpg
Nothing is an obstacle anymore.

 photo EightMonths3_zpsd58e15dc.jpg
He wants someone to play with him!

 photo EightMonths4_zps0af874a4.jpg
He isn't jealous of other babies. He doesn't seem interested in them at all.

 photo EightMonths5_zps5ca4ad51.jpg
He plays with toys.

 photo EightMonths6_zps058501b0.jpg
He has a very cute friend.

 photo EightMonths7_zps44b8ec71.jpg
Baby gate, AKA the bane of his existence.

 photo EightMonths8_zps3acbe08d.jpg
"I know this is where they keep the food but how does it open?"

 photo EightMonths9_zps4eb8b042.jpg
Look at this kid stand!

 photo EightMonths10_zps863029e0.jpg
He is not afraid of kids running around. He sits in the middle totally calm despite the chaos.

 photo EightMonths11_zpsaec44866.jpg
It's too cold to go outside anyway so we can wear (or not wear) whatever we want inside.

 photo EightMonths12_zpsf5714f08.jpg
Declan has learned to blow raspberries and babble. He flicks his tongue against his top lip and says, "La la la."

 photo EightMonths13_zpsf585809a.jpg
Crash landing.

 photo EightMonths14_zps90cf14ad.jpg
Too hard to photograph. He won't stay still!

 photo EightMonths15_zps72f38132.jpg
Santa baby.

 photo EightMonths16_zpsaee1349c.jpg
Alex and Edison "saved" Declan from the power cords.

 photo EightMonths17_zps532ec8f6.jpg
"Make it go!"

 photo EightMonths18_zps9f61a313.jpg
Break time from the constant moving!

A few more things Declan does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...is always getting into things. I can't leave him alone ever because he will find something to eat. He also pulls himself up on everything and sometimes falls down less than gracefully.
...gets on his knees and puts his arms up toward me when he wants to be picked up.
...has rough skin from the dry, cold weather.
...sticks his tongue out like a snake. Nonstop.
 ...leans in and slobbers on me if I pucker my lips and say, "Kiss!"
... is getting so old. I catch myself looking around for my other baby.
...can now pick up food from his tray and actually get it in his mouth.
...doesn't sleep through the night. He stands up in his bed instead of sleeping.
...is tough. Edison has been trying to ride him like a horse and then subsequently smashing him and Declan doesn't seem fazed by it at all.
...dives on my hand if I feed him anything. He will eat whatever I try to feed him. He also eats whatever Alex feeds him which is why we had this experience:
Alex: Declan loves my sandwich.
Emily: Your peanut butter and honey sandwich?
Alex: Yeah! He loves it!
Emily: (running across the room like a maniac.)
Alex: Yep, he loved it.


Janelle said...

I can't believe he is pulling himself up on things. He's growing up too fast!

Andrea said...

where did you get your baby gate?! I need one and it looks awesome.

Olivia said...

Love this, especially the peanut butter and honey sandwich freak out! I can't get over all that adorable baby chub, either!!

Carissa and Tanner said...

I agree with Olivia. That is some darn cute baby chub. I love these posts!

Janelle said...

Nice mirror. When did you get that?

Merkley Jiating said...

Freecycle, madre. :)

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