My parents are the most generous people I know. They are not generous out of duty or obligation though. Everything they give comes because of their love for others. I have thought about writing this for a few months and cannot come up with the right words. I cannot sum up everything my parents have done for me.

While I was growing up, my dad always had random people knocking on our door or calling to ask him for money. He would help them out and then later on he started acting as a bank for them so they could better handle their money. I thought it was insane but, now looking back, I can see it was love.

My mom gave birth to eight kids. That's higher than Edison can count. After I had only one kid I was in shock of how much my mom had done for us that we didn't recognize or appreciate. I am not quite sure how she still has any hair left in her head. After homeschooling all eight of us for at least ten grades each (concurrently, of course, she isn't 100 years old), she still wants to teach, help, and love others and is now a substitute teacher in high schools. Her love for learning is contagious and I am grateful I was around to catch the bug.

Now I am an adult. I have always been an independent, I-do-what-I-want kind of person. But I am realizing how much being an adult makes me want to be around my parents. They have been where I am, did a smashing job of it, and came out of it alive. Maybe as better people than they were going into it. They are the perfect examples of giving everything to help their kids be better. I am so glad I learned to do things on my own but I am also grateful my parents are there when I need them, even if I don't ask.

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