Gingerbread Houses

Building gingerbread houses with kids is a really good exercise in patience and overcoming OCD. The boys are so fun to work with but this gingerbread house is not about to win any awards!

 photo GingerbreadHouses1_zps367650a1.jpg

 photo GingerbreadHouses2_zps95f4173b.jpg

A few days later, Williston Toddler Days was supposed to have a gingerbread house decorating activity but only one other person besides committee members RSVP'ed so we canceled the activity. But that was sad to me so I invited everyone over. "Everyone" ended up just being the other two committee members, Kirsten and Meagan, and the Althoffs. It was perfect.

 photo GingerbreadHouses3_zpsfe30cea1.jpg

 photo GingerbreadHouses4_zps8627ef7e.jpg

 photo GingerbreadHouses5_zps2d9b5e7c.jpg
Kirsten and Meagan

The kids had lots of fun running around and playing for a while after we confiscated the candy. It got a little loud but we all had a blast. The boys are so good at making friends with whoever is around them.

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