A few more months have gone by since my last photo dump. These boys are growing up so fast. Time is supposed to be a constant and regular thing but the more I wish for it to slow down, the faster it seems to go. I am so grateful I get to spend each day with my boys.

 photo Misc1_zpsc70ace1e.jpg
Edison looks like he had a bad experience with a tanning bed. Luckily it is just a pomegranate.

 photo Misc2_zpsa52e9bca.jpg
General Conference gets me in the mood to bake. Cinnamon rolls and pita wrap bread.

 photo Misc3_zpsf11203c0.jpg
Alex eats about three apples a day. He eats them completely.

 photo Misc4_zps3441db02.jpg
Playing at the park with our friend Jiahs.

 photo Misc5_zps43ca70f1.jpg
Family party on the couch.

 photo Misc6_zps057e19d2.jpg
Upside down with Jiahs.

 photo Misc7_zps2fcc6849.jpg
This was Alex's tickle blanket. He called it that because he liked how it tickled his skin. We used to swaddle him in it when he was a baby. It was starting to shred and I completed the process one day. Alex still tells people about how I tore his tickle blanket.

 photo Misc8_zps4be01bf3.jpg
Silly faces with Edison.

 photo Misc9_zps6bffd5b3.jpg
Snuggles in the morning.

 photo Misc10_zps751e14e7.jpg
I am glad the hole was filled and the sidewalks repoured. I am excited for spring and grass!

 photo Misc11_zpsee9206e3.jpg
Alex and Edison love to color and do crafts.

 photo Misc12_zps15494c8a.jpg
Alex looking through his Duplo periscope. He is so creative.

 photo Misc13_zps27dea4a6.jpg
Sam and I went on a date and got a giant pretzel. It was delicious.

 photo Misc14_zpse387230f.jpg
Silly Alex.

 photo Misc15_zps27d8dbe0.jpg
Lunch is exhausting.

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