NYE 2013

I wanted to celebrate the New Year with the boys but did not want to keep them up until midnight so I invited over the Althoffs and we celebrated noon instead of midnight.

We started out the party with what every party needs: food.

 photo NYE1_zpsc8d6502a.jpg
Edison and Madisyn, Alexa and Alex

Then we made some noise.

 photo NYE2_zpseb4411be.jpg

Threw tons of confetti.

 photo NYE3_zps81f5c96a.jpg

Declan thought it was food.

 photo NYE4_zps47db1087.jpg

We drank sparkling cider.

 photo NYE5_zpsf91ab2b7.jpg

Before they headed home, we attacked them with silly string.

 photo NYE6_zpsebc70e0a.jpg

For dinner that night, we did the traditional fondue. It was delicious. I overate.

 photo NYE7_zpsf5b8964c.jpg

The boys had a rave and then went to bed.

 photo NYE8_zpsed65866b.jpg

Sam and I stayed up and wrote down some New Year's Resolutions. They include more date nights and also dates with the boys, personal development goals, more reading, more sleep, more visits to the temple, and more awesomeness. We toasted with sparkling cider at midnight and then looked out of our bedroom and watched three different firework shows. That's the good thing about living in a town with a ton of crazy guys who have excess money. The fireworks went on for an hour. I am looking forward to 2014. I think it is going to be a good year, just like 2013. Life is pretty sweet.

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