Thanksgiving in Review

I have already mentioned that the drive to Utah was less than pleasant. We left Williston at 8:30am. It took us fifteen hours to get to South Jordan and Edison threw up ten times. Not fun.

The next day, Matthew and I headed out early to get our cars checked out. After we got home and packed lunches, we all went to Hogle Zoo. It was free that day and the place was so crowded!

 photo Thanksgiving1_zpse5696686.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2_zps9c02685c.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving3_zpsc456702e.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving4_zpsfbb33484.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving5_zps2801652f.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving6_zps4d2029ad.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving7_zps0ac2027d.jpg

The boys went to the farm with Michelle to pick up some milk and eggs. They loved seeing the animals.

 photo Thanksgiving13_zpsed532a79.jpg

While the boys were at the farm, Declan and Makenna got to play together. So crazy to think that these two are birthday buddies. They are so adorable together.

 photo Thanksgiving8_zps1e6685d2.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving9_zps7a4fc2e0.jpg

We wanted to see who was taller. No surprise: Makenna!

 photo Thanksgiving10_zps7799f487.jpg

Matthew, Flannel, Jared, Adam, and Sam went out to play catch. Matthew was throwing four balls at the same time and getting the balls to go straight to each person.

 photo Thanksgiving11_zpsd7084d5a.jpg

Edison threw up again that night. He also threw up the next night, and then in the afternoon two days after that. It was bizarre. His pediatrician called it "cyclical vomiting" which I translated to be "I have no idea what it is but let's call it this super awesome name that makes me sound like I know what I am talking about."

On Thanksgiving morning we got all ready and went outside for the turkey trot. There had been a lot of trash talking because during our family turkey trot two years ago, Flannel and our cousin Jacob colluded to block out Sam. There is no argument against the case that Sam is in much better shape this year than he was two years ago. There was no competition for him. He even zigzagged on the street a few times and still won.

 photo Thanksgiving12_zps48180e23.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving43_zps9cd78798.jpg

  photo Thanksgiving14_zps0e618c4b.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving15_zps0cd29320.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving16_zpsaa2b79f7.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving17_zpsfd1268a6.jpg

Sam was off on his own, Alex ran for a little while with Grandma and Keaton, and I walked/carried Edison and Declan. I didn't even make a full lap of the course. I hope to be able to run it next time.

 photo Thanksgiving18_zps25102113.jpg

We got back to the finish line in time to see the people who ran the whole way.

 photo Thanksgiving19_zps1ffb4dc9.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving20_zpsd82b619d.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving21_zps9c2ac867.jpg

After the award ceremony it was time to get back to making Thanksgiving dinner. I had to make Papa's punch. No holiday is complete without it.

 photo Thanksgiving22_zpsbb8d4a24.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving23_zps229d58b3.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving24_zps5ca25fb2.jpg

Dinner was delicious. It was crazy that we made a full Thanksgiving dinner for so many people in one kitchen. Michelle is a saint for hosting.

 photo Thanksgiving30_zpsb2d6515a.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving25_zps1dc01501.jpg

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 photo Thanksgiving31_zps4ef116e3.jpg

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 photo Thanksgiving33_zps7e6075a0.jpg

The next morning, I did a few crafts with the kiddos. In the afternoon we hired a babysitter and the adults went to see Catching Fire.

 photo Thanksgiving29_zps266c13a7.jpg

We went to the Jazz game that night. After the game we met up with Fiona who is also from Mesa and was Rachael and Michelle's roommate in college.

 photo Thanksgiving34_zps5c48ce51.jpg
Flannel, Shelbey, Michelle, David, Sam, Declan, Justine, Riley, Bentley

Saturday morning was Makenzie's baby shower. I have never seen so many gifts. It was comparable to our wedding. It was insane!

 photo Thanksgiving36_zps94c8d97b.jpg

My Aunt Alexis sent me this picture a few days later and I was cracking up because Michelle and Kenz's eyes are closed. Definitely a keeper.

 photo Thanksgiving35_zps4f3771e2.jpg
Carlee, Alexis, Madre, Michelle, Makenzie, Emily, Declan

Sam went to the temple that afternoon then we all went to see the lights at Temple Square.

 photo Thanksgiving37_zpsc84bd52f.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving38_zpsb6928751.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving39_zps31f6104d.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving40_zpsea48ff20.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving41_zps92343b9f.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving42_zpsb078608f.jpg

We loaded up and headed out on Sunday morning. I was not thrilled to make the drive back home. We left Michelle's house at 8:50am. We made it all the way until we stopped for dinner in Billings and then Edison threw up. He never threw up at our house. This throw up was a vacation exclusive.

 photo Thanksgiving46_zps70c3f714.jpg

We were so happy to be home. It took several days to recover since our washing machine was broken. I am glad no one else got sick and it was fun to see our family and meet little Makenna. But man, that is a trip I never, ever want to repeat.


Olivia Hiatt said...

Oh, man....our Thanksgiving trips had such similarities! Looks like you had an awesome time overall, though!

Holly Decker said...

you look so young and gorgeous! i cannot believe you have had three kids! just look at you rock at life. looks like a good time and yay you for documenting it all :)

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

You are so good at taking pictures of even the simple things.

Also, is Declan a sock hater too? Abbi will not keep socks on to save her life. And I have a really hard time keeping sweaters on Valette. Sheesh. These kids.

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