Elder David

I have another brother on a mission. Elder David entered the Mexico Missionary Training Center today (1/15/14) and will be there for a few weeks before heading to Rochester, New York. I had to say goodbye to him at Thanksgiving. I am sad I didn't look at this picture after it was taken. It is so out of focus.

 photo David1_zps7c3d9784.jpg

I got to Skype with him yesterday to lecture him about his letters home. I don't want any of this "I can't think of anything to say" garbage I have gotten from my other brothers.

 photo David2_zpsb784745c.jpg

He is just a baby; he is only 18 years old. But I am excited to see what kind of missionary he can be. It is a big job! I am glad he is prepared and I am looking forward to hearing all about it.

 photo David4_zps56f43922.jpg

 photo David3_zpsa6b7b91d.jpg

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Olivia said...

You and your brother look so much alike!! :)

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