Going Away Party for Alyssa

Alyssa was my first friend in Williston. We had been here less than 24 hours when she sat by me in Relief Society. I thought her daughter on her lap was so cute so I talked to her (I only talk to people with cute kids?). I didn't know then that she had twin girls! We had parked next to each other so as we were leaving church we talked again and exchanged phone numbers. When she started telling me her number, I got so excited because it was the same Arizona area code as mine. Turns out we went to rival high schools and grew up 20 minutes away from each other. We played almost every day that next week. Despite only being here for two months by that point, Alyssa was ready to move away on the day I met her so I knew she wouldn't pass up any opportunity to leave. In November, when she told me she was pregnant, I started preparing myself for that move to be imminent.

I had to throw her a going away party. I am not used to being left. Normally I am the one moving away. It is so hard to drive by her house and know she isn't there anymore. If I make cookies I am sad that I have to eat them all and can't drop any off to her. She was my visiting teaching companion. I don't know who is going to cook dinner with me when Sam is gone on work trips. Alyssa was always around and ready to go along with whatever crazy ideas I had. We had the same Arizona blood and hatred for the weather. She just got me. I miss her.

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We went out to dinner then headed back to my house to eat banana splits. And Russian cream and chips/salsa because I have a problem and don't know how to do things low-key. We all wrote her a note on a postcard.

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Even though "Desserting" is a play on words, it is still kind of bugging me that it's spelled wrong.

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Olivia, Becky, Kara, Nikki, Emily, Alyssa, (& Daniell who was at dinner but then had to go home!)

 I am going to miss our library dates every Wednesday.

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I missed their kiss between these two pictures.

I wish them the best in St. Louis. Hopefully our paths will cross again one of these days.

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